MOPS and teens collide!

Saturday night was a fun night!  MOPS, a group for mothers of preschoolers, occasionally has evening events for the MOPS and their husbands.  One of the challenges, though, for parents of young children is babysitting – I know that challenge all too well!  Hiring a sitter for four little boys is NOT cheap on the rare occasion my in-laws can’t do it!  So we combined the MOPS event with a teen event; the senior high kids came and served the parents by babysitting for a couple hours, and then had a movie and pizza night in the loft afterwards – the only requirement was that if you did the movie night, you had to do the childcare!  We had about 16 teens and adults come help with the childcare, which was amazing!  Meanwhile, the parents donated towards our summer missions’ program – we ended up raising over $200 for our summer trips which is huge (with all the budget issues, things are definitely tighter this year for our trips)!

All in all, it was a great night!  I loved seeing the teens serve the adults and have fun doing it … and as a husband of a MOP, it was fun to go to the MOPS event and hang with some people I don’t normally interact with (my volunteers ran the teen portion of the night for me – I love my team!)!

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