The Wisdom Deck

We’ve been playing around with the Wisdom Deck in recent weeks in our family and it has been a BIG hit with the kids!  Basically, it’s a deck of cards with different Proverbs on the one side, and seven types of wisdom on the flip side – with the types of wisdom applicable to that card’s Proverb circled.  We’ve been using it as a game; we’ll start off by trying to see how many types of wisdom the boys can remember (even Noah usually comes up with one), then we’ll read the verse, talk about what it means (they had fun with the above card and the phrase ‘chattering fool’), and then try to figure out what types of wisdom it demonstrates.  Ultimately, the goal is to get them thinking about wisdom and wanting it in their lives.  By going through a couple of these a week, we’re instilling the habit of thinking through what a scripture means, how it connects to life and that there are different ways that wisdom is applicable.  Micah does the best processing the concepts, but as the oldest at 8, that makes sense.  What I love, and honestly didn’t expect, is just how much the boys enjoy it!!!  It’s like a game – who can figure it out, etc.  And it works even with our four year old, Noah.  Very, very cool.  And an incredibly easy way to have a family devotion time around the dinner table!

It’s funny to me because I tried it on a whim – the deck was designed by Mark Matlock of Planet Wisdom with student ministry in mind.  And I love his ideas for different ways it can be used in that context (check out the video below).  Anyway, find out more about the Wisdom Deck here!

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