Skit Guys – You Teach volume 5

I love the Skit Guys!  They are a hilarious comedy duo who have been performing for years now!  They’ve got a lot of dvd’s out there at this point, all of which are great resources for youth workers and churches.  Their coolest resource lately has been the You Teach series put together with Youth Specialties; each dvd has six to seven video clips that can be used as illustrations, discussion launchers, or funny intros.  What makes it so great compared to other similar resources out there is that each dvd comes with lesson guides, discussion sheets, leader notes and more for each video clip – they make is so easy to turn each clip into an entire lesson!

Their target audience is youth ministry, but I’ve found over the years that their clips are just as powerful and popular in the ‘big church’ worship service as well!  They’re one of the few groups out there that manage to connect just as effectively with teens and adults.  You Teach Vol. 5 is no different!  There are seven videos on the DVD (making each illustration less than $3!), covering a range of topics from faith to greed to idol worship and more!  I absolutely love it!  It’s a bargain with all the resources it comes with and a big hit every time I use them!

The video above and below are both from the dvd – enjoy!

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