Week 3 diet update

Once again, way overdue with the update.  I blame the holidays.  And the moving.  And cleaning out the old house … when do these excuses become no longer valid?

Anyway, you can tell which days I had Christmas parties on … it only takes a few cookies to shoot the calorie budget.  It’s also reflected in my fat percentages for the week being higher, which I’m not thrilled with (especially since it wasn’t healthy fats … more like the chocolate chip fats).  For the week I still ended up okay calorie-wise; in fact, I ended up eating the exact number of calories I was budgeted for the week total.

I did lose some weight; my total loss for the week was 1.19% of my starting weight bringing my total weight loss to 6.53%.  That actually puts me at about a quarter of the way towards my dream goal for next May so I’m pretty happy.

This week will be the challenge.  With all of the holiday eating and parties, I will be happy if I end the week the same weight I started it … and thrilled if I lose even a fraction of a pound.  I do have my treadmill set up in the basement of our new house, so I better be reporting some exercise hours next Monday!

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