Week 7 update

Ug.  I don’t want to talk about it.

Confession time.  I almost didn’t blog an update this week, but that sets a bad precedent of avoiding my online accountability with myself so here it is.  I overshot my calorie budget for the week by 4,314 calories.  And that’s taking into consideration that some of the days I was under budget!  Argh.  It was the first of three student retreats/trips that happen over the course of five weeks and while I totally stayed on track for breakfast and lunch each day, I blew the diet each night with dinner and late night snacking.  Not cool.  I can’t do that on the other two trips.

According to Lose It!, I dropped 0.36% of my starting weight, but even that’s not accurate since it logs Monday to Sunday, and I was away from my scale until Monday morning.  So unless I seriously bust my butt this week, I had a five pound jump in weight.  Granted, some of that is water weight retained from all the junk food I ate – deep down I know it’s physically impossible for me to put five pounds worth of fat on in just three days, but it’s frustrating nonetheless.

Time to refocus.  The clock is ticking.

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