Romans 8 (Sunday update, 1/16/11)

Part of the group was away this Sunday on our annual MAD Man trip (more on that later), while the rest were back home where Matt O resumed our series from last fall on Romans.  We’re using The Complete New Testament Resource, Volume 1 from Youth Specialties as a launching pad for the series.

This week Matt O led the group in a closer look at chapter eight of Romans.  The goal was that as a result of this lesson, students would understand the extent of God’s love for them and the security they’ll have when they trust him with their lives.  A great follow up activity for the whole family would be to read Romans 8:31-39 together and use the following discussions questions:

  • What causes you to question or doubt God’s love for you?
  • What do you think the word justifies means in this passage (v.33)? What does it mean for God to justify someone?
  • How do you feel when you read in verse 38 that nothing will be able to separate you from God and his love?
  • God has already won the ultimate victory, so why is life so difficult for us when we try to live for Christ?

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