I want a hot seat

Youth Specialties just posted this video the other day from an event they did for youth workers.  Man, it brought back some memories!  If you don’t know what a hot seat is, you weren’t in youth group in the 70’s.  Basically, it was a stool set up with a push button controller that you could use to zap people in the rear with.  Awesome!  Granted, as a 35 year old youth pastor, I’m too young to have ever been able to get away with using one of these things in a youth group … but I remember when I was a kid in Dexter, Maine, and my dad used one with the youth group there!  Those were the days, when it was expected that every good youth pastor came up with a variety of games that could be played with one of these seats that resulted in blindfolded teens being frequently electrocuted!

Man, I’d love to know if I could get away with using one of these things today …

2 thoughts on “I want a hot seat

  1. You could get one and use it once. You should see the electric shock paddles they have in Mexico. It's a thing that you hold onto the paddles and hold hands…then someone increases the voltage going throu the metal paddles. The first one who let's go is out. It's crazy.


  2. Important detail… this segment was called "Not so great moments in youth ministry history."

    Another one in the same book was a game called, "Guess her weight." I kid you not. You picked a girl in the room, she wrote down her weight, and the boys got pick her weight… the one who was closest won.

    Yeah, not so great moments in YM history.


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