HABITS: Sacraments (Sunday update, 5/1/11)

We have been working our way through a six-lesson study on how our students can deepen their personal walk with God during our student hour on Sunday mornings. Each lesson focuses on a basic spiritual discipline/practice that can foster spiritual growth. The theme of the lesson series is HABITS, which stands for:

  • Hang out with God (prayer)
  • Accountable friendships
  • Bible memorization and study
  • Involvement within the church body
  • Tithing
  • Sacraments (baptism, communion)

We changed up the order and skipped to the last one this week, S for Sacraments.  Chris Z taught the high school group while I taught the middle school.  We covered the importance and meaning behind communion and baptism.  Part of the motivation for rearranging the order of the HABITS was that we have a baptism service on May 22nd and wanted our class to give kids some time to think about it.

Parents, a great follow up discussion would be to talk to your child(ren) about communion and baptism.  Ask what they think about it, why you feel it’s important.  If they are thinking about being a part of the May 22nd baptism service, you can use these baptism notes from Matt McGill (a fantastic resource he recently posted on his blog) – read through them together, answer the questions together, and use it as a launching point for talking about the importance of baptism.

Also, Pastor Bo will be doing a students only baptism class (parents can come along, but it’s not intended for adults considering baptism) this Wednesday night at 7pm before student small groups begin.

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