Group Texting made easy

Okay, so this post is for the iPhone users out there. I just bought an app that is going to save my youth ministry budget a ton of money! Sweeeeeeeeet.

It’s called Group Text, and it’s a simple little app that integrates with your iPhone’s text messaging. It enables me to send mass texts to TONS of people; I can create lists from my contacts, and then use the app to blast out messages to everyone on the list. Part of what I like about it is that unlike other mass texting services out there that are email/web based and pop up as an email or some random phone number, this uses my actual iPhone messaging system so it blasts out as a text message from me. The app is only $2.99, which makes it a steal for anyone regularly mass texting – especially since it’s a one time expense.

For me, the youth ministry application is huge. I’ve been using a mass texting subscription service for several years now; it’s the best way to communicate with the teens, with my volunteer leaders, and a growing way to communicate with parents.

If you don’t have an iPhone, Simply Youth Ministry Tools (formerly called Simply Txt) is still the way to go for mass messaging.

2 thoughts on “Group Texting made easy

  1. Hey McNutt, I've got this for my iPhone too… except for some reason it sends my messages as a picture message so the teens who have texting but can't receive pictures/MMS don't receive my messages. Is this happening to you/anyone else too, or just me? Is there a setting I need to change? For the most part, this app is pure gold! I'll be canceling Simply Text once I figure out this MMS issue…


  2. That's weird; I haven't had that issue. Check out the FAQ on their website. It's been working great for me; I'm about to cancel Simply TXT, too. I loved it for the last few years, but a one time $3 charge beats $30 a month any day!


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