Games: Video Edition by Youth Specialties

I recently purchased the ‘Games: Video Edition‘ DVD from Youth Specialties. I have to admit, I was kind of skeptical about it, but a friend recommended it so I figured I would give it a shot.

I love it.

There are 25 different game ideas on the DVD, all of which are great. What’s different is that instead of writing a description, they demonstrate each game. They actually pull it off in 30-45 second descriptions, making it quick and easy to review ahead of time … or it’s even an option to show the game to the group so they both hear the rules and see how it works.

Here’s where I thought it was great – see the games in action really sold me on some that we ended up using at our recent all nighter, and honestly, if I had just read them I would have been unimpressed and never considered them. In particular, the Mellow Yellow (mustard dipped marshmallow toss) and Bologna Face (bologna on the face), which have never interested me if I hadn’t actually seen them in action on the DVD. Awesome!

All that to say, great concept and I hope they have more on the way. Definitely worth the cost, well put together, great games, and a solid must-have youth ministry resource! You can find it here.

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