Jason Castro coming to my church!

The paperwork is all signed and done, the deposits paid. It’s happening. I’m very, very excited – I think it’s going to be an amazing event.

The tour, featuring For King and Country, Dara Maclean, and Jason Castro, will be coming to our church on October 5th. Crazy cool. It’s going to be a great event all around; for our people and for the community. With American Idol being the number one show in more than a decade, it seems like a slam dunk when it comes to setting up our church for an easy invite to the friends in their neighborhood to have a former contestant (Castro) come! He was a worship leader before making the show and it was great seeing him live out his faith in front of America.

Plus, he’s pretty cool.

Not only that, we’re starting to have a power lineup of music events in the fall:

Todd Agnew in August. The Respect & Honor tour in October. Watoto Children’s Choir in November. Our Christmas Concerts in December.

Yup. Fall is going to be awesome. I hope Castro brings his ukulele. That dude knows how to rock a ukulele.

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