Youth Ministry Calendar promotion idea

Here’s a first look at our 2012/2013 calendar magnet (click it to see larger version)! This was an idea I had and tried out last year that seemed to go over well so we’re doing it again. Basically, I took all our major event dates for the following school year, threw them on a magnet and gave them away like crazy to parents for their fridges, and students for their lockers.

Part of the purpose was to say, hey, we have a ton of stuff on the student ministry calendar – we know you might not be able to make all of it, but these are the dates we really want you to block out on your calendar now. They also happen to be events that we want our students bringing out their friends to … hence the reminder in their lockers at school.

Anyway, once they arrive in the next week or so we’ll be doing a big mailing to all the parents with the annual calendar for next year, we’ll start passing them out in student ministry, and we’ll cover the vending machines in the Lounge with them (replacing this year’s magnet). We order the magnet from here (if you use the coupon code ‘sur0404’ you can save $25).

What ideas do you use for communicating annual, big deal events?

3 thoughts on “Youth Ministry Calendar promotion idea

  1. Yeah, Dorney's old group policies used to be better than everyone's – we could use the tickets any day of the summer (good for rain date planning), return unused tickets., etc. They changed it all this summer and now their group policies are actually worse than anyone else's (no returns, penalties if we change the date, etc.). Hershey will end up being a better deal, more flexibility, and the perfect excuse to change it up this year.


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