Living in a whirlwind

Life feels like a whirlwind at the moment.

Over the eight days we will be sending 74 students and adults on mission trips to Maine, Boston and Jamaica. I can’t wait to see what God will teach us this year – videos like the one above from last year hint at the amazing things we see happen in our teams. There is quite possibly a million or more things left to do between now and the departures.

The school year has finished and we are caught in the contradictory feelings of grieving the imminent departure of students we have worked with for so many years and the excitement at beginning the journey again with the incoming sixth graders.

Ramping up for summer events, working on fall events, and reworking our volunteer structure add up to a lot of plates spinning. I also need to start aggressively recruiting for some of the new student ministry teams we hope to form.

Did I mention the student ministry assistant resigned? His presence will be missed! Thankfully I have a part time intern to help carry the load over the summer, but it does make me nervous about the fall – the level of administrative and volunteer training/leading required to pull off our student program isn’t sustainable in the long run without the assistant position filled.

Micah, Caleb and Noah have all been finished with school for a handful of days now, which means we hear the words ‘I”M BORED’ over and over and over and over and over and over … even when they’re clearly NOT bored. Sheesh.

I have a list of writing ideas I’m dying to get to. As soon as I have some free moments …

One thought on “Living in a whirlwind

  1. Hey Matthew, I think this is great! That is a lot of people going on missions. I know our church is sending people to Cambodia and Kenya this summer. Blessings to you!
    Tony Jacobs


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