2012-2013 Teaching Calendar

Welcome to the final post in a three part series on our student ministry’s seven year teaching plan, recap from last year, and now the topics for this year! I have to be honest, planning the year out is one of the hardest things in the world – there are so many more series, topics and things I want to see us cover then there are Sundays in the year! It’s also why I love the exercise of mapping it out according to our bigger strategic plan of covering Core Truths (11 weeks), Topical series (17 weeks), and Biblical Literacy (23 weeks). By sticking to that balance and following the plan it really does force me to chose which series are the most needed at the moment, instead of winging it from week to week.

All that to say, here’s what the year looks like (with the very real possibility that things could get adjusted/changed over the course of the year):

  • September 9-30, Why We Do What We Do (a series on our purpose statement)
  • October 7-21, a three week series on Leviticus and Numbers
  • October 28-November 4, XXX (a two week series on pornography with the senior high; middle school will do something else)
  • November 11-December 9, Understanding Other Religions
  • December 16-30, Deuteronomy
  • January 6-February 10, Revelation
  • February 17, missionary guest speaker
  • February 24-March 17, Dating/Sex series (senior high all four weeks, middle school will have two weeks on something else)
  • March 24-April 28, The Book (a series on the Bible, it’s history, structure, etc.)
  • May 5-19, Joshua
  • May 26-June 30, HABITS (spiritual disciplines)
  • July 7-August 11, Hebrews
  • August 18-25, Judges

There it is! Our teaching plan for this school year! If you’re a youth pastor, how do you plan/structure your teaching calendar?


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