The Proof of Your Love Tour recap

Last Friday night completed a process that began last spring … the Proof of Your Love tour took over our church! For King & Country, Jason Castro, Dara Maclean and Heavens to Betsy pulled off an amazing event that was a total blast for everyone who came. If you missed it, check out our Student Ministry Facebook page for photos and videos!

The show was definitely full of surprises; of course we expected the three main artists/groups to each get sets, but were pleasantly surprised by the backing band (Heavens to Betsy) for all three acts getting a ten minute set at the beginning which left everyone wanting more. Even more surprising (and awesome), after their individual sets, for King & Country, Jason Castro and Dara Maclean took the stage together to perform a short set together – it was awesome. Check out the video above to see them all doing ‘Hallelujah’ together, a very, very cool rendition.

I love the video below; it was an explosive finale to a great show (if you skip to the 1:02 point, everyone takes the stage to blow it out big time). All in all, it was an amazing first major concert tour for our church, with GREAT attendance, amazing bands, and a huge response from everyone who came. We had a crowd of all ages … and I keep hearing from EVERYONE how much they loved it!

One of my privileges, as one of the concert coordinators, was getting to spend the day with the artists and their support crew, as well as the cleanup time afterwards, and I was incredibly struck by their heart for God, their humble spirits, and willingness to make sure that everyone who wanted time with them got an opportunity to do so.

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