Our new app!

app screen shot

I’m really excited about a new communication tool we have for our student ministry; an app for Android and Apple products! It’s free, and manages to consolidate everything in one handy spot – events, updates, photos, YouTube, podcast, Instagram, Twitter, newsletters – you name it! It’s really the easiest way to stay plugged in with what’s going on at the Summit, whether you’re a parent, student … or anyone in our church who wants to keep up with the student ministry!

Part of the logic behind it is that it really seems to be something with universal appeal; I already know from my email communication stats that over half the parents of students are primarily using their smartphones to keep up with my communications. Add to that most of the students having some sort of compatible device, and LOVING that we now have an app, it has the potential to be a great tool. Anyway, if you want to check it out, follow the links below:

iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch app: http://bit.ly/YDlnVV

Android app: http://bit.ly/YDkXPd

One thought on “Our new app!

  1. Matt! GREAT app! I really like it. We experimented with Yapp Box last summer but they didn’t have a full android version out yet. And it was still a Yapp Box app instead of our own thing. That may have changed, not sure.

    How did you create this?

    Inquiring minds want to know!!!!

    ps. are you going to SYM?


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