Using Instagram in Student Ministry


Instagram is the ‘it’ social media go to place for teens these days, which means lately I have been trying to use it more and more. Here’s what I’m thinking and playing with …

I created an account for our student ministry separate from my personal account. You can find it here. I would like to get to the point where we’re uploading content to it all the time – it’s a little challenging since that can only be done from a smartphone. I have it linked to our student ministry Facebook page so everything we upload also gets posted there (as well as our Twitter account).

The thumbnails above (click ’em to get a bigger picture) are something I’ve started doing recently. I create an image, either with an app or on my computer (I have an Instagram folder setup that automatically syncs with my phone – whatever I click and drag into that folder transfers to my phone when I sync, and then I can use it in Instagram), which I then post with details about the event or the Sunday morning teaching. It only takes a few minutes, but seems like a good way to get kids thinking about upcoming events. Some of the more popular ones get reposted and shared by kids which is GREAT. If I’m honest, using it this way to promote regular events as well as special events is what has finally made Instagram something worth putting time into in my opinion.

I would like to get in the habit of posting photos every Sunday and Wednesday night from our church meeting times – kids love getting photos out there and it seems like a great way to use the app. I just need to remember better!

I do use it to post photos from events and trips, which has been popular.

I intentionally setup the account with an easy password with the thought that I could give access to other leaders and trusted students so at certain times or events we could really go to town with uploading photos and generating excitement.

What other ways are people using Instagram with their student ministries? I’d love to get more ideas!

One thought on “Using Instagram in Student Ministry

  1. Good ideas! I have messed around a bit with creating an Instagram for our student ministry. Have not “officially” made one yet. Currently I use my personal Instagram for a lot of our student stuff. I will post a promo pic of our upcoming event and or series. Most of my students follow me on there so they see it. Currently Twitter is the biggest social media platform for us. In our community most students check their Twitter feed more than Facebook or Instagram. So we currently use Twitter a lot in our ministry.



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