Student Missions Highlights Video

This is a short video I put together to use in our main church services as part of a report on our student mission trips. It’s also a way to have the congregation hear from a much larger number of students than they would have otherwise. I love making these videos; they are useful when we report, and then again in January when we’re recruiting for the next season of short term missions.

I used Corel Video Studio Pro to edit the video. I recorded the audio during our full length reports (happened when the teams came back for friends, family and supporters) using a Tascam DR-05 portable digital recorder. It’s incredibly handy, user friendly, and a snap to import to my computer with – it’s the same one I use to podcast our Student teachings and events with. I used an older version of Adobe Audition to edit the audio soundbites. And the music is actually a performance track I downloaded off iTunes; that way I could find a song I liked, get the performance track without vocals, and have it as a simple background to add energy to the video.

It takes a chunk of time to manipulate all the different elements – I think I spent about ten hours total on it, but to me it’s worth it as a tool to shape our congregation’s perception of the youth in our church in a positive way.

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