New small group resources

I grabbed a couple new small group DVD resources the other week from Simply Youth Ministry, a great place for all things youth ministry!  The first one I grabbed was Jr High Bible Stuff Vol. 2, a five week DVD series from Kurt Johnston, the jr. high pastor out at Saddleback Church.  It actually comes with two discs; one is the DVD with the five lessons and a video intro to the leaders, the second disc is a cd-rom with all the lesson guides, questions, advice, etc., for the leader.  I love that it’s all on cd because I can reproduce it like crazy and not worry about the original wearing out.  Each lesson is about ten minutes long or so, with places to pause and ask discussion questions, etc.  The videos are really well done; Kurt is a natural at keeping people’s attention, making a great point, and using great visuals to help drive the point home.  I’m really excited about passing this resource around to my small group leaders!

The second small group kit I got was the Love Out Loud six week high school video curriculum.  Doug Fields, the youth pastor from Saddleback Church, leads the six lessons.  Like the Bible Stuff series above, it comes with two discs; the dvd and the cd-rom with all the teaching materials, discussion questions, etc.  As you can guess, it’s a series on love and many of the different ways this applies to our lives.  Great, solid teaching, with each clip staying at about five to ten minutes, leaving plenty of time for getting into the Bible and discussing as a group.

All in all, I’m really happy with both of these curriculums and can’t wait for my leaders to jump into them with our students in the new year!

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