Tending the Temple week 4 results!


Wowser – you’re probably all freaking out wondering who the Biggest Loser of the week is!  Apparently I get some sort of twisted joy out of keeping you all in suspense!  Not really, but it’s fun to pretend … but on to what you actually want to know!

Our Biggest Loser of the week, with a 2.45% loss, is Alex J!  Right behind him with a 2.2% loss is Linda C.  You both definitely worked it this week – especially considering Superbowl parties!

Our 1% Hall of Fame this week includes (in no particular order) …  Jason D, Cheryll, Loren G, Amanda K, Rodney W, Mandy P, Jennifer M, Amanda B, Thomas P, Michael C, Sandra C, Kim L, Rebecca B, Jodi B, Sam H and Lisa J!  You guys have been working hard and it shows!  Keep it up!

We’re definitely getting to the tough part of the challenge.  It’s been four weeks, it’s starting to get old, it’s starting to seem like forever, you’re starting to wonder if you’ll ever get to the weight you want to be at … don’t be overwhelmed!  The weight didn’t come on overnight and it won’t go off overnight!  Face it down one pound at a time.  Set yourself small goals that you can accomplish in a week or two – so you have victories all the time!  It helps keep your motivation and morale high!  I lost 176 lbs on Biggest Loser … but I did it five pounds at a time.  Any time I thought about more than that I was overwhelmed, so I just focused on hitting the next five pound milestone.  It was the only way I could keep my focus!

58 thoughts on “Tending the Temple week 4 results!

  1. I vote for teal. I would love to have a shirt!

    I haven't had a very good week either. A lot if eating out and even though I made the best choices I could, you still don't know exactly what your eating. It was also my time of the month and the chocolate ctsnings were horrible this month. I am ready to get back to "normal" this week and loose again.

    I'm getting started right now by going to the gym. Last chance workout!


  2. I totally spelled cravings horribly. I love my IPhone, but the screen is so small it is hard to read everyhing you write. I will need to proofread from now on! 🙂


  3. Hey team TEAL!!
    Okay so I changed gyms today for a nice fee but I needed to make a change in order to be successful. So I changed to a place that is open 24 hours.. no excuses.. So I went tonight and I kicked ass.. OMG I ran. yep you read that right I did the 30 sec thing and it is hard. I did it 3 times tonight. I totally shocked myself. According to the maching I burned 215 calories in 30 min. I was sweating my butt off. I am just so proud that I did it and Kim you were right.. nobody even cared, although not to mnay were there..


  4. Running….that is great Karla. Maybe the new gym is going to work out a whole lot better for you, I hope so. This team is taking over….they just don't know it yet.:)


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