Active Bible Studies

I’ve been going over some different middle school small group resources lately, trying to update my churches’ resources and get some more current and exciting – but also easy – resources out there for my leaders.  It would be safe to say that Active Bible Studies is at the top of my list right now.  I’m loving it!  Kurt Johnston, the middle school pastor at Saddleback Church, put it together and it’s great!  If I’m honest, I was a little turned off by the price at first; $29 seemed a little steep at first glance for a book with 20 Bible studies in it.  What I didn’t realize is that there’s a cd in the back with everything in the book on it in easy to use, reproducible form.  When you buy the book, you’re buying permission to reproduce the heck out of it for your team and church – so you only need one copy for your whole ministry, regardless if you’re a small church or a mega-church!  Everything is on there; activities, leader guides, student handouts, etc.  Absolutely worth every penny of the cost!  It also has promotional materials, posters, backgrounds, letters to parents and students, and even some customized t-shirt and sticker designs!  It’s great for generating some excitement and momentum for your middle school small group ministry!  Active Bible Studies definitely has my recommendation!

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