Reflex (Jumper’s sequel)

reflexI just finished reading Steven Gould’s ‘Reflex,’ the sequel to his book ‘Jumper’ (which inspired the movie).  Here’s where I’m at; I liked the ideas behind the movie but was disappointed with how it was done.  Learned it was based on a book, so I read it and loved it.  The other week I finally grabbed a copy of his follow up book with some hopes that I would enjoy it, but not really expecting a whole lot.  I was pleasantly surprised.  🙂  Within the first few pages, the main character’s wife discovers that she also has the ability to jump, which I thought might be hoakie, but ended up being really cool.  I also like that Gould was able to further explore the jumping ability, add some new aspects to it, and generally expand on it in some significant ways without being cheesy (an example of horrific cheesiness would be Lucas’ attempt to explain the force in Episode I of Star Wars with the use of mitichlorins – massive fail).  I guess the best sign that I enjoyed the book was that it only took me a few days to finish!  Great stuff!

Now I need to grab a copy of ‘Griffin’s Story,’ his follow up book to the movie …

3 thoughts on “Reflex (Jumper’s sequel)

  1. Jumper as in the one with Shia in it? I really enjoyed that movie. It was really kinda cool. So there is a second one?



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