Skit Guys: You Teach Volume 4

I just finished working my way through the Skit Guys’ newest DVD resource, You Teach Vol. 4, and I love it!  It includes seven different video illustrations, as well as study guides, message outlines and even journal pages for your students!  You can use these videos as illustrations for talks you’re planning … or if you’re in a crunch for time, you can print off the lesson resources and have a full lesson ready in just a few minutes.

There’s quite a mix of videos, ranging from funny to serious, and covering a bunch of different topics.  My personal favorites were ‘Lemonade,’ where Tommy Woodard hilariously communicated how God can turn our lemons into lemonade, and ‘Never Runners,’ where Eddie James was wreaking havoc on anyone that wanted to run!  Awesome!  I also really liked the video ‘Walk the Talk.’  When you first start watching it, they’re bleeping out every other word – it’s pretty shocking.  Then they play it back and they’re not saying anything inappropriate … but they’re still not honoring God with how they’re talking.  It makes a great point about how we use words, whether they’re bleepable or not.

All in all, these are some of the best video resources out there.  I’m a huge Skit Guys fan, but it’s because they’re are consistently great.  The kids and adults in my church LOVE their videos!  Definitely a must have series of DVDs!

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