Snippets of Connection

In Doug Fields’ latest book, Refuel, he wrote a couple paragraphs that really jumped out at me in terms in of youth ministry and in relation to my own connections with God.  Here they are:

If anyone understands small snippets of connection, it’s our current generation.  We’re constantly linked to others through email, texting, instant messaging, Skype, Twitter, mobile phones, BlackBerrys, blueberries, strawberries – connecting with others is an integral part of who we are, and even when done quickly, it can be done authentically.

Likewise, quick, heartfelt connections with God can be authoentic, and they can keep your soul full.  God doesn’t judge the connection.  It’s okay even if it’s messy, speedy, and comes in short bites.  Your heavenly Father loves to connect … contact brings Him joy.

I think the above really jumped out at me because there’s a part of me that has always pictured time with God as only counting if it’s long, serious, and focused.  You know, like a thirty minute quiet time or something like that.  And yet, I totally get the idea that short bursts of connection can be meaningful – I intentionally do it as a youth pastor with teens all the time as a part of how I connect into their lives, whether through text messages, short comments on Facebook, or whatever.  I guess it really got me to stop and think – if it’s meaningful with people around me, why wouldn’t it be meaningful with God as well?  Why not build moments of stopping, being quiet and making a (brief) connection with God throughout the day?  Definitely a thought provoking moment for me.  What do you think?

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