Emergency Room!

noah er

Wow.  What a day.  We pretty much spent it all in the Emergency Room with Noah.  He got a funky rash on his face which got weird in the last couple days – it started looking like this rare type of rash that can actually be a sign of something that’s fatal.  Awesome.  So the pediatrician had us take him to the ER to get all sorts of blood work (check out the bloodline on his left hand) and go through all sorts of screening.  Noah was pretty happy in the end because he managed to score some candy (as you can see) and a skateboard out of the deal.  Pretty sweet, right?

So we were pretty freaked out for a little while, and then we were really bored for a long while.  And then we finally found out that his blood work was all clear, he didn’t have any of the fatal stuff, and while there’s nothing serious going on, the doctors don’t really have any idea of what is actually happening.  They think it might be a reaction to a virus that has already passed … or secret elves that sneak out and poke at his nose while he sleeps.  Either way, we have appointments with his pediatrician and a dermatologist to sort it all out.  And I’m thinking of getting a rabid squirrel to chase off the elves.

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