Challenge week three results

tending the temple challenge

Is suspense good for weight loss?  I’m going to pretend it is to justify taking so long to post these results!  Sorry!!!

Our Biggest Loser for the week, with an impressive 2.3% loss, is Joshua J!  You da man!  Talk about a great week!

Our weekly hall of fame (people who lost 1% or more) has three people in it; Lina B, Mary C and Julia P!  You guys are amazing!  Great work!

If you are one of the handful that forgot to send in weights, you can still send ‘em in!

So, if you could get a day with a trainer, who would choose and why?  Bob or Jillian?  What would be the hardest part for you?

7 thoughts on “Challenge week three results

  1. Bob for me…maybe it is just a guy thing. I think that he connects with his trainees in a different way than Jillian and that would fit me better…but who knows I may need the butt-kicking that Jillian does. We do use some of their videos to workout with at home.


  2. I would pick Bob all the way. I have a respect for him and know his training style would fit me best. I don't think that Jillian would motivate me the same way that Bob would…besides Bob is HOT! 🙂


  3. I would pick Bob because I don't think I could take all the cursing Jillian does while training. I think I could connect more with Bob, therefore I would be able to learn more. I like Jillian but I think I am way too weak for her. 🙂


  4. I would like to pick Bob however I know I would NEED Jillian. Although Bob is getting tougher this season. I will take who ever I can get really.

    Leisia your right Jillian does have a potty mouth and not sure how long I could hold my tounge before yelling back some not nice things myself.


  5. Great job Joshua, and good going Mary and Lina. I would pick Bob. I am a very driven person, I put up a privacy fence mostly by myself..480 Ln.ft. and it was all pre-built husband was called out of town and it had to get done…My issue is doing what I need to for myself..Hence tring to figure out how to get alot of my fall work done, and turn it into an exercise program…the next week I brought a dumpster in and am cleaning out the barn, stragage building and fall yard prep..we have a good size orchard and can really get a good work out pulling a wagon full of stuff. I have been listening to one of Bobs CDs and it has made alot of sense, that is for sure. Jillian and I would probably but heads I am a little bit of a drill master myself, without the yelling. Good luck this week everyone


  6. Congrats to Josh! I think both trainers are great and would be happy for either. Jillian, although doesn't need to swear at people as much, gets to the MEAT as to the WHY the person is fat quicker. Bob.. does the more 'wholestic' approch, but I think it takes a bit longer.

    To have either of them….I'd feel blessed.


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