LIVE Curriculum Year 3 available!


I just noticed that year three has been released on the Live curriculum!  If you don’t know what it is, the Live curriculum is possibly the best resource out there for student ministry high school level small groups!  There are four years worth of small group lessons (see above), all available to the subscriber (they’ve been releasing each year over the course of this school year)!  We’ve been using it this year with our small groups and it would not be an exaggeration to say that at every team meeting with my volunteers someone is again saying how much they love this curriculum, how it’s given them everything they need, the students are engaging it, etc.  I love that it’s really given our small group program a balanced feel, and it’s really freed up my small group leaders to focus on their groups instead of trying to find lessons or come up with stuff.

Because it comes with 36 weeks of material per year, and we only meet 31 weeks (and some of those dates we use for holiday related activities), I kind of picked and chose which topics we would use in the small groups … and then used the other lessons for Sunday mornings!  Anyway, check it out – download the free samples and give it a test drive!

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