Finale review

It is finale season, so here’s my recap!  Which means, there are some minor spoilers ahead …

American Idol: I think I’m over this show.  I was bored, not into the results, really only watching it out of habit.  I did love the finale for the moments about Simon, Paula Abdul’s awkward return, and loved the farewell song to Simon with all the former idols and contestants – that was cool.  It is fascinating to see the genesis of Simon on American television – the dude was booed, hated, the villain at first … and then he became the star of the show, cheered for, loved.

Grey’s Anatomy: Whoa, what the heck happened?  The show went from being a doctor show to a suspenseful murder-fest???  Intense, intense, intense.  Definitely had Heather and I both on the edge of our seats.

Flash Forward: This went from season finale to series finale once it was announced the show was canceled.  What really didn’t make sense to me, after a season of bad ratings and a strong chance of cancellation, they totally ended it with a cliff hanger.  Not cool.  But I was never really into the show – they made giant, inexplicable leaps in logic, the characters saw the future and still made bad decisions in unbelievable ways, and the lead actor drove me nuts.

Heroes: It’s cancelled so what I thought was a season finale turned out to be a series finale.  I’ll miss the show, but this season was kind of weak for me.

V: I am liking this show.  Cool story line, left me wanting more for next season.  Not the greatest show, but it’s decent.

Fringe: LOVE this show.  I love the alternate Earth storyline, love the characters, love the actors, love the writing – it’s awesome!  Saddest thing for me about the finale was Leonard Nimoy’s farewell to the show – although I knew it was coming, he did announce his retirement from acting.  It was great finally getting a big view of the alternate Earth – I can’t wait until next season!

Lost: Count me in the camp of those who LOVED the finale!  With all the hype, built up expectations, theories and more … I was surprised and loved that the finale was even more thought and discussion provoking than all the previous ones!  I liked the explanation of the sideverse, loved the idea of Hurley and Ben taking care of the island, enjoyed the battle, and everything else.  I miss the show but I love how it ran its course!

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