MAD Man 2011 recap

Last weekend was our annual MAD Man service weekend (we’re not angry – MAD stands for Make A Difference)!  Basically, it’s our weekend mission trip to Wilmington.  We leave all the electronic devices behind, stay at a ministry downtown (last year it was YFC, this year Urban Promise), serve at a bunch of different places, attend churches different than ours, and try to eat foods represented by different culture groups in our area.  It’s really an amazing time of group bonding, learning about the needs and other ministries in our city, and getting ourselves out of our comfort zone.

Staying at Urban Promise was great – we got to hang with some of the staff, pump their street leaders with questions, and really get a sense of all the amazing things they’re doing in our region and how they’re serving downtown Wilmington.  It really is amazing how we all live in the same city, yet it’s so different just a few miles from our homes and church.  It’s shocking to hear of all the shootings, violence, drugs and crime – and exciting to see what God is doing in the midst of it.

We also served at Sunday Breakfast Mission, Habitat for Humanity, the Mary Campbell Center, and a couple other area organizations.  Our first night we had a home cooked Puerto Rican meal, Saturday night we had legit Mexican (none of this Americanized stuff), and Sunday night we had Walt’s Chicken (it’s a cultural experience).  We worshiped at Union Baptist, a Methodist church, and the first Black Catholic church in Wilmington.

A highlight of the weekend was our foot washing time.  With our service focus for the weekend, part of our annual tradition is to wash the feet of high school seniors that make the trip.  It’s fascinating to me that one of the last lessons Christ gave to the disciples was a lesson in humility and service.  With just hours left in His time with the twelve, He washed their feet.  We make a big deal about it as well as we think about how we only have a few months left with these seniors, and through the ceremony we challenge them to remember the lesson in humility and service as they move on to the next stage of life.  We gave them red towels as a reminder of Christ and His example to us.

The weekend really came together in an amazing way – we had a lot of fun, but also had some really great moments of learning and worship!

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