All new Live Curriculum editions!

I am REALLY excited about the two new editions of Simply Youth Ministry’s Live Curriculum, a fantastic youth ministry resource we’ve been using the last couple years.  Two years ago we got the original Live Curriculum, a four year, balanced high school small group curriculum plan.  My leaders and groups LOVED it, so last we year we bought the Live Curriculum Jr. High edition, which includes two years of junior high small group lessons, also a big hit with my leaders.  We’ve found that it’s easy to use, well written, and facilitates some great depth, discussion and Bible study with their small groups.  We’ve also used some of the series/lessons as Sunday morning teaching series, which has also worked really well.

Earlier this week I pre-ordered the two new editions of the Live Curriculum; a Books of the Bible edition which includes 72 weeks worth of studies working systematically through books of the Bible, and a Live Curriculum Leadership track, which includes 60 weeks worth of studies and lessons on leadership targeted towards leaders in general, high school leaders, middle school leaders, high school students who are leaders and middle school students who are leaders.  I’m planning on using them in a couple ways; the Books of the Bible lessons will be a part of our Sunday morning Biblical literacy strategy – we spend 24 weeks of the year working our way through the Old and New Testament in an effort to increase our young people’s knowledge of the scriptures.  The leadership lessons will be used in my monthly adult volunteer meetings and our Joshua Team meetings (our student leadership team).  If you’re curious about it, click one of the above links to learn more about it (and use the 10% off banner on the right to save some $$$).

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