Only in Youth Ministry!

Last Sunday saw a first at Brandywine Valley Baptist Church!  Every year there are a handful of students that have to do one of those infant simulator assignments for school; those robot babies that cry, have to be fed, changed, make noise at night, etc., which are supposed to teach a teen what it’s like to have a kiddo.  They have sensors built into them that the school can access to see if the teen took care of the ‘baby’ or not during the course of the assignment.

ANYWAY, back to the story. One of the guys walked in to Student Quest while I was making announcements with one of those baby sims, so I couldn’t help myself.  I made some joke about how a parent of a real baby would have checked their kid into the nursery and if he wants to do a real simulation, he should too. I got some laughs and moved on, not noticing that he and a friend left the room.

A while later I was walking the halls when the nursery staff flagged me over.  “Pastor Matthew! You aren’t going to believe this but a couple of your teenage guys checked a doll into the nursery!!!  We were going to say no because it’s not a real baby, but the other toddlers were all crying and it totally distracted them!”  Sure enough, I looked into the nursery and there was the worker rocking the doll while half a dozen toddlers surrounded her chair, completely mystified by this crying toy that demanded so much attention.

Apparently his request to check in the school assignment to the nursery now tops the list of strange requests our children’s ministry has received over the years!

3 thoughts on “Only in Youth Ministry!

  1. lol … not teaching them to have people do their homework … just introducing them to the sweet relief an hour of nursery ministry can be to a parent of a demanding newborn!

    And I didn't have a robot baby crying and distracting everyone during Sunday School!


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