Weight Loss challenge week six results!


We are doing great, people!  I know some have had some bad weeks, but look at the big picture: a month and a half into this thing thing and you guys are lighter than you started, your weight is averaging down, and you are becoming experts at this thing!  You are encouraging each other, finding support, being creative in your workouts and your eating, and your numbers are showing it!  And check this out … only six weeks into this and as a group you have dropped a combined total of 580.6 pounds!  WOW.  I’m thinking we’re going to smash the thousand pound barrier as a group by the end of this thing!!!

Our Biggest Loser of the week, with an insane 3.71% loss, is Jay P!  Following him with a 2.77% loss is Kelsey C!  You guys blew it out this week!!!  Wow!

Our 1% Hall of Fame this week includes (in no particular order, and I threw in a couple 0.95 percenters ’cause you were just so darn close!) … Kim L, Jennifer M, Amanda K, Sandra C, Thomas P, and Tony R!  You guys rock!


And just a reminder, here’s what you’re competing for!  We’ve got some great organizations that have jumped in to contribute to our prize, making it possible for our big winner to walk away with over $180 worth of prizes!  Click their links and check ‘em out!

  • The Biggest Loser Complete Calorie Counter, $7.95 (from me)
  • The Biggest Loser Cookbook, $21.95 (from me)
  • Destination Transformation, $14.95; my first book!  Co-written by myself and ten other former Biggest Loser contestants!
  • Race This! Volume 1, $39.00; Simply Youth Ministry has donated this great collection of dot style races!
  • HEAL: Healthy Eating and Abundant Living, $12.99; a great new resource from Simply Youth Ministry all about pursuing health in a way that honors God!
  • Refuel, $12.99; the new book from Doug Fields on connecting with God, another great donation from Simply Youth Ministry!
  • Millennial Influence podcast CD’s, $15.00; a great ministry to those who work with teenagers, Millennial Influence has donated several cd’s of their podcast, each containing three episodes.  Check them out here!
  • Motor Tabs, $55.98; Motor Tabs has donated two boxes of their rehydration tabs, each worth $27.99!  They’re a great way to stay hydrated during your workouts, and as an added bonus, they’re low calorie!  I love using them while I’m at the gym!

36 thoughts on “Weight Loss challenge week six results!

  1. That's it….Jay!!! Next week I am gonna do the South Beach thing and see if I can lsoe almost 4% in one week! OK, not really, I can't handle more changes this week whenI am struggling to just stay in the game as my world has been turned upside down! But hey, I can hope and dream for that percentage right?

    Way to go guys!!!! DOnt give up!!!


  2. Hi everyone,
    I've fallen off the wagon horribly, but i'm back on board. I restarted to day and (minus my water intake) I had a perfect day 😀
    We can do it 🙂


  3. Congratulations Jay and Kelsey C.

    Nancy – Hang in there – you will do it — I'm proud of you for restarting that is what seperates the winners is the determination to keep trying and never ever give up.

    As I stated the other day….Alex and I had our first week where we weren't in the top losers….but the good news is that we both still lost this week for the 6th week in a row. The message here is to focus on the long term…..we can do this all together!

    Kim and Nancy – let's make a commitment to support each other and ALL be on the honor roll next week! OK? Karla B. when you see this I want you to be on the honor roll with us!

    Keep on Keeping on!


  4. FINALLY A good week!!! I lost three pounds from last week. But I was up last week two pounds. So I'm one pound lighter than two weeks ago. Did I lose you? Lol All I can say is I haven't been 226 in over ten years! WOOHOO



  5. WTG guys! I'm one of those who has been having some rough weeks, but I'm encouraged by your successes and I'm going to hang in there and get back on that honor roll!


  6. Way to go everyone! I did lost 1.6 this last week but that is what I gained the prior week. I am hoping to make roll call next week. Keep it up.

    Nancy you got this girl! In it to win it!


  7. I will be on that honor roll next week too… or I'll die trying. :0 I just need to step it up on my workouts a little.

    Congradulations everyone for making it through another week and not giving up. We are a tough team. 😉


  8. I am missing my weigh ins
    So how do I get back into it
    I weigh in on thursdays at weight watchers
    so what total should I be telling you
    Im doing great I am down -21.4 since Jan 1 and 26.4 since Christmas
    so IM at 276.6 today if you could catch me up
    Anne Herlocher
    and let me know when I should tell you my weigh ins


  9. Has anyone ever played the Jillian Michaels WII game? I want to know if I should buy it or not. If it's a good workout (better than Wii Fit as that's just too easy for me now) then I will buy it. Maybe I'll rent it first. ANyone?



  10. Dang I am so frustrated with myself. I need to get things back in tip top shape. I know what needs to be done and changed so no more yapping about it.. Doing it!


  11. Oh I did have a salad from Wendy's for lunch and then a chef salad at the bowling alley last night. It's the 4 pieces of chocolate I had yesterday. It seems I have something everyday, although tiny, it adds up in the end. I need to stop that.


  12. Karla,

    I believe you are doing the same method as me…simply counting calories… Therefore…nothing is off limits….as long as you count it!!!

    COunt the chocolate and jsut know that later, when you decide you really want something different you can't because the calorie account is spent.

    Last week I wasted my calories on some popcorn and a sausage breakfast biscuit. When I REALLY wanted the chocolate…I couldn't. The next day when teh sausage biscuit taunted me again…I remembered that today I was gonna have chocolate. And now I am a huge fan of Godiva Dark Chocolate Pearls….8 satisfying peices is only 25 calories…go get some!!!


  13. Anne,

    Jsut send your weights to Matt on Tuesdays. He needs first and last name, last weeks weight, current weight and total loss. He figures teh %.

    It is never too late to join back in! ANd if you already sent your original weight then you are gonna post one heck of a loss this next week!!

    Besides, you could potentially send in only 2 weights…beginning and ending. THe sending in jsut provides accountibility and fun as we see who makes teh honor roll or not!


  14. Karla, I agree with Kim. If you are counting calories just add the chocolate in and skip something else later. That is how I am doing it. It just makes better sense to me that if you are counting calories you can really have anything you want. You just have to ask yourself "is it worth the calories". Doing it that way I rarely feel deprived….except when it came to the birthday cake, but even then I knew it wasn't worth it so I didn't have any.


  15. Rebecca… just saw your comment about the Jillian Wii game. I played it three times. I don't care for it. You can play with or without the balance board. It seems that there are some parts of the game that just don't respond. For instance, you are suppose to duck this thing falling toward you. I would lunge, duck, throw the controller across the room, and the only thing I would get is Jillian telling me I needed to move!!! I WAS MOVING!!! LOL

    The concept it good, but the game just doesn't seem to work right at times.


  16. Hi Everyone!

    I just finished Jillians "30 day SHRED" dvd for the 2nd time this week. Man she kicks your butt…..then I walked on the treadmill immediately after for 1 hour!

    Where is everyone….I'm concerned that after 6 weeks many people have dropped out….

    How is everyone doing this week?


  17. Hey all! A slow week for me, only .4 down. I also had a checkup with my Dr. who said my calorie intake was "a little extreme". I'm doing 1200/day, I weigh about 160. Thoughts?

    Hoping things go better this week!


  18. Tracey, I really agree with your doctor and with what Rebecca said…that is like starving yourself. You are obviously at a weight now where you are going to have to cut fewer calories than before to lose the weight. Just do something like 1400 calories a day and try to burn more calories per day to make up for it. I stopped losing and didn't know why but I found out that my calorie intake was way short. I uped my calories 400 more per day and now I am losing weight again. It is amazing how that works. I know it sounds weird to have to have more calories to lose weight but it is true. Burning those calories is important too, but your body has to have something to run on….just like a car.


  19. Oh yeah, Tracey, I forgot to also say this… It is sometimes helpful to only weigh yourself on weigh-in day. I just know that if I way more than that it becomes mental for me more than anything. That's when old habits might kick in and you (unknownly) sabotage all your efforts. That is true for me, not for everyone. I just thouht that might be something for you to consider.


  20. This weeks weigh in is not going tobe pretty for me…but Iwill own whatever it is!!! Unless it is an actual loss…then that credit fully goes to God, cuz I did nothing for it….


  21. I need your suggestions…..

    I am working my butt off doing the treadmill, bike and Jillian video, drinking all my water, writing every bite down, accounting and counting every calorie and…….I haven't lost an ounce this week. I am so upset I want to give up…..what is going on?


  22. Are you eating enough for the amount of workouts your doing? That is the only suggestion I can think of. The more you work out the more you need to eat. Are you getting enough protein in too?

    Well guys I also seem to be stuck in a rut… I lost 13lbs in Jan and squat this month. Although I have gained I haven't been faithful either so I have been hoovering about the same number the past month. I am really going to give this week 110% and workout everyday (but Thurs). I have dones something to my knee as well. It doesn't hurt to walk but to bend it, it hurts. So I have been doing upper body on the weight machines and crunches and then the treadmill but the last 2 workouts have only been half assed.. lol

    How is everyone else doing? Let's not fall apart group we are team TEAL and we rock!


  23. I've always been afraid to eat more calories, but this time I'm trying it and it is working well. I started the first week at 1200 to jumpstart my weight lose, but I've been eating around 1500 since then. I do range from 1400 – 1600 (maybe even 1700 on the weekend when I eat out) and it is working great for me. I've steadly lost over the entire challenge. This has never happened for me before, so I think eating more was always what I needed, but was afraid to do it. I would say try eating a little bit more and see what happens. If it doesn't work then you can re-evaluate, but I have a feeling it may work for you!


  24. Hi Amanda!

    I have lost 6 weeks in a row (every week). But last week it was only 1 # and this week nothing so far. I am so upset…

    I am doing the BL pyramid 4321. Are you doing this or just counting calories in general up to 1400 per day?

    If you don't mind me asking …what has been your weekly average loss?

    I am just looking for help and support….I can't believe I'm not losing with giving 150%!


  25. Lisa J, I too think you probably need to up your calories. I don't know how much you weigh so it is hard to say but if my doctor told me to multiply my weight by 10 and that gives you your calorie intake need to maintain your current weight. Then subtract anywhere between 300 to 500 from that for weight loss. I subtract 500. The past 3 weeks I have been averaging 1 pound a week in weight loss but that has been without a whole lot of workouts too. This past week I have really stepped it up on the workouts. You may have also kind of hit a plateau. Play around with your calorie intake. I don't lose good if I don't eat enough.


  26. Lisa J, I too went through this. Was losing consistently so why would my calorie intake be a problem…until I went a month without losing a thing despite 6 day/wk 2hrs/day workouts.

    Increase your calories a bit and also, if you are doing teh same workout all teh time..change it up!

    Your body will lose intially with 1200 calories…but then as you increase your exercise it acts like it is starving and begins to conserve everything it takes in. ANd teh crazy thing is, you might not even necessarily feel all teh hungry either.

    SOme other signs, that further indicated I was in this state was lower energy, my mental processing was goig wacky…couldn't remember anything! Actually called a friend to ask him what I was supposed to be doing that weekend because I knew we had talked schedules for working out…and also I was cold/hot at odd times/circumstances. Inability to regulate body temp. If you are nto experienceing these things, it doesn't mean you are not in starvation mode…I was experiencing that along with no losses after 4 months of 1200 calories or less a day! I increased in Jan and have lost consitently since then…we will see about this week though…havent been so good!


  27. Lisa J.
    I don't know what the BL pyramid 4321 is. I would like to know what it is, if you don't mind sharing. I'm counting calories through Sparkpeople. They gave me the range of 1500 – 1900. I have never gotten up to the 1900 mark, but I at least feel good about myself even when I get up to 1700 calories. It means I'm still below what I "can" eat. I'm not so sure about the multiply your weight by 10 thing because I should be eating 2700 calories to mantain my weight and that is a HUGE number that I doubt I was even eating when I was gaining weight.

    I have lost 21 pounds in 6 weeks. I lost 10 pounds the first week and the other 11 in the 5 weeks after that. I'm very happy with that. It isn't a dramatic weight lose every week, but it is consistent which has never been the case for me in the past. I have been loosing between 1-3 pounds each week after that first week. It looks like I'm on track to loose another 2 this week.

    Lisa: What has your average weight lose been?

    I am always up for new ideas on how to change up my plan. I love to read this board to continue to learn things from all of you!


  28. My weight loss hasn't been as rapid as I wanted but I am losing — slowly but surely. I'm nervous about the coming weeks with a couple of weeks vacation. I won't be able to weigh in so I'll have to catch up when I get back.


  29. Weigh in Day Guys….it has been quiet here! I know a couple of you have been sick and I know I have had my head stuck up my…umm in the sand…but what about the rest of you?

    I went to the gym for the 3rd time in a week yesterday. COnsidering I was doing 6 days a week, this was pretty sucky! My first visit to this gym, the scale in the locker room said AI had lost 15 in 3 days. I knew that was off. I later found a different scale in teh actual workout area that seemed more in line with where I was at in GR. When I left GR I was 315…On Wednesday I was 314 according to this scale. I checked last night adn it said I was 311!!! OK, these are preliminary results because I already decided I was gonna weigh myself at the Dr.s office…but if this scale from last night is accurate, then I may have lost 4 lbs….which is crazy given I have done NOTHING right this past week. FInal results will be coming soon….as soon as I get my butt up, get dressed and drive through the cold snot to the Dr.'s office! Stay tuned!


  30. Hi All,
    Thank you so much for your advice. It was a little wake-up call when she said it was extreme. I don't want to be starving myself! I was thinking of Ron on BL… remember how Bob upped his calories so he'd lose weight? It is totally counter-intuitive, but I'm going to give it a try. I fluctuated between 1200-1400 this week, and lost more (almost 2lbs). Hooray!

    Thanks, too for the advice about weigh-ins. I have started only weighing myself on Tuesday morning, and it has helped a lot!


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