Biggest Loser season 9 is casting!


It’s official!  You can see the above on the NBC website here, but it’s just going to direct you to check out to get all the vital information, application forms and video directions!  It also mentions that open casting calls will be posted some time in June.  Meanwhile, check out MY video application tips right here on my blog!

25 thoughts on “Biggest Loser season 9 is casting!

  1. The biggest problem with being in the odd numbered seasons is that you probably don't get to see the previous season when it airs as you are sequestered on the ranch. (Although, who actually knows… maybe they let the contestants watch some of it as it airs.)


  2. Hey everyone…I have a few questions and if you wouldn't mind answering, that would be wonderful!

    These questions are for those of you who have alread been to a casting call…I just want to know what I'm looking forward to, and how to prepare.

    1) How long do you have with the CD's?
    2) When you're standing in line, can you have your family stand with you? Or do you have to stand there alone? I mean, not alone I guess there's hundreds of people, but you know what I mean 🙂
    3) Are you on a stage, like an audition, or is it in a room more like an interview?
    4) What kinds of questions do they ask you?
    5) Do you have to show them some kind of talent? Or is this strictly to get to know you as a person?

    I'm sure I have more questions, but pretty much what I'm trying to figure out is what exactly goes on, and how it typically goes…

    Thank you all very, very much! And good luck and God bless all of you for your persistance and hard work!



  3. I can only trust – This is the experience I had at a casting call in Chicago.
    1) You meet with casting directors for 10 – 15 min if that and there are 12 – 15 people in there with you.
    2) Yes people had there family and friends in line with them.
    3) We met in a regular room all at a table together.
    4) Why you want to lose weight. How much you want to lose. Personal info, Why we think america is getting so fat, and thats about it if I remember correctly.
    5) You have to show your personality. It is very difficult because everyone is trying to talk over eachother. They must have the hardest time deciding who to pick.
    I thought they dropped the ball and should have picked me because I was funny, emotional, and thought I got the point accross. I still feel like, what could I have done differently. But theres nothing I can do. I dont want to discourage you because it was one of the greatest experiences ever. I own and run my own assisted living. I worked all day (worked16hrs) then drove 7 hours with no sleep, then stood in line for about another 7 hours, and then drove straight home for another 7 hours all alone, which was killer. The way home is a blur. But at least I can say I gave my all to try to make it on the biggest loser show. If you go at it half a##ed dont expect greatness, give it your everything and I wish you the best of luck and hope you are successful on your journey.


  4. I went to the casting call in nashville. I feel you dont have time to show your personality. I received a vip pass from a former contestant and didnt have to stand in line. I went straight to the front of a line that was clear around the block. It was freezing cold and raining and I had stayed in a hotel that night and went straight to the car under cover and didnt realize how cold it was. I didnt have a coat.

    This time I am going to send in a couple of videos. Hopefully they will look at it and see my determination to win!!!!


  5. Hey guys,
    I am still waiting for them to announce when and where the casting calls will be for show #9. Does anyone know?


  6. Hi Matt! You look awesome. Thanks for being so supportive of those of us still needing to make a change.

    I had a question… it says not to line up more than 3 hours ahead of time, however I am worried that people are going to go earlier than that. From your experience, is it wise to line up much earlier?

    Thanks in advance!


  7. Hey so I was going to go to the July 18th audition in AZ, but I'm worried I might not be considered because I am auditioning alone.. =( I think it's time for another season with a strangers team.. but any suggestions?


  8. I was in line in March in Columbus Ohio and stood for over 7 hours. I had driven for 7 and a half to get there. My wife and five children were thrilled when I called then two hours from home and told them I had a call back the next day at 2 pm. My best friend took the five children to his house and my wife and I left ( on 4 hours sleep ) for Columbus once again. I interviewed for an hour with Paul and felt really pumped even though I didn't make it to the next level. I am going to try again. The only shot you miss is the one you never take so don't give up.


  9. Hi Matt! Thank you so much for posting all of this great information! I am scared, really scared, but excited because I am going to the Casting Call in Dallas!!! Every time I see my BMI go up all I want to do is cry, but not anymore – Saturday will be my day! I am thrilled and I am educating myself from both you and Pete, you guys are excellent!!

    Please follow me on twitter: @denaze




  10. Big B
    How do you know you didn't make it to the next level? The next level is not there yet. You wouldn't know yet.


  11. OK well the date says July 7, 2009 so I assumed it was now. I hope people realize that you won't hear anything after a CB until all is said and done and they get all other info. and then pitch.


  12. Well – I hate to say it – but I have been sulking, quite a bit. I requested a VIP pass for the cc that I am attending this weekend. I e-mailed my story and didn't get a pass. It almost makes me think that if my story is not interesting enough to warrant a VIP pass, then what the heck makes me think that my story will be interesting enough to get me on the show. I almost hate making the drive but I will and hope (and a lot of praying) that the CD will see something in me in those precious few seconds that they have with me to give me a cb.

    Good luck to everyone attending ccs this weekend.


  13. Hugehips
    It may be something as simple as they had already given the passes out before they got your email. Go, try!! You don't have to have a VIP pass to WOW them. Now no more talk like that!!!



    Can you tell those of us that have not been yet, what kind of questions are on the short form app? Just trying to figure out if I need to bring my reference names and numbers w/ me.
    Thanks for your help!


  15. By the way –

    I am super excited. I talked my relative and she has had a change of heart and e-mailed me pixs of her to take with me to the cc this weekend. She lives to far away and there is no way she can make it. So, now, with a relative that is going to apply with me, I feel like my chances have increased because I sure haven't heard much on this front of people that are applying as singles getting cbs. She even said she was going to go ahead and work on her video and send it to me ASAP!


  16. HUGEHIPS: Just because you didn't get a VIP pass doesn't mean your chances are any worse. If you scroll up to Holland's long post, she stated that they only had so many they could give out. They probably got snatched up when casting first started. My casting call is in two weeks and the passes are already gone for that one. Plus…do you really think everyone that got on the show had a VIP pass? Congrats on having a relative to apply with. I wish I had one. Problem is I have a few but as i stated in an earlier post, they consider themselves "fat and fab".


  17. Hey, I was wondering if anyone knew when call backs are (or when they stop) for mail in auditions? I went to a casting call in Chicago and didn't get picked because it was just WAY to hard to talk over people, and decided to send in my own tape! Hopefully this time it'll get through! Fingers crossed!



  18. Hey fellow biggest loser hopefuls!!!!! Well I can't even sleep anymore
    at night! Haha! From what little I've read on the net they picked their cast
    last week and I'm assuming they called last week?! Does anyone know
    anything?! If you are being "pitched" would a cd have told you? This has
    been my dream and I just really want to know if I should stop hoping and waiting
    for a phone call? Let me know if yall have any info at all. Thanks so much


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