Tending the Temple challenge WINNER!


After 18 weeks we have a winner!!!  With a 20.61% total weight loss, Jodi B is our Biggest Loser!  Absolutely amazing!  Way to go!  She’ll be receiving our grand prize package (see it here)!


Coming in close behind her are our runner ups!  These six people alone (Jodi and the runner ups) managed to pound off a combined 247.9 pounds!!!  WOW!

  • Sandra C with 20.29%
  • Loren G with 16.78%
  • Amanda K with 15.59%
  • Leisia J with 13.02%
  • Alex J with 12.38%

And finally, some honorable mentions … these people all managed to lose over 10% of their starting weight – an incredible accomplishment!  Lisa J, Michael C, Tracey W, Linda C, Rodney W and Kim L!

*EDIT – I forgot to give the total pounds lost for the whole group!  817.8 pounds!!!  Can you believe it?!?  AMAZING!!!

21 thoughts on “Tending the Temple challenge WINNER!

  1. To God Be the Glory GREAT things HE has done!!!
    My kids and I are jumping up and down!!!!
    This is too awesome!!!!
    Congrats to everyone!!!!!!
    Thank YOU Matthew McNutt for unselfishly sharing
    your Biggest Loser experience with us.
    Your website has helped me be successful in my journey out of the deep valley. God Bless You !!


  2. THat is AWESOME guys!!! Way to go!!! How very exciting for all of us!!!

    COngrats Jodi! You worked hard and it shows!! Keep it up!


  3. Wow Jodi, you look fantastic!!! Congradulations.

    Team Teal did it!!! We are an awesome team. I was so shocked to see my name up there…. that is good motivation for sure. 🙂


  4. Congrats to all! That's absolutely fantastic.

    Jodi, it took me most of a year to lose as much as you have in this contest. Absolutely fantastic!


  5. Blowing kisses!!!
    Thanks everybody!!
    Y'all are so kind and encouraging.
    Since Dec. I have lost 26.4%.
    Let's all keep on going!!!
    Congrats everybody!!!
    Especially Sandra C..Great job!!


  6. CONGRATULATIONS JODI B…..You look GREAT!! and a big congratulations to everyone else on your accomplishments so far. 🙂


  7. Congratulatins Jodi! You look just terrific!!!!

    My husband Alex J. did good with 12.38% and I was just behind him with 12.20%.

    I can't wait for the next one to begin!

    MATT – When are you starting the next one???

    In Him All Things are Possible!
    Lisa J.


  8. Great job everyone! Especially Jodi! If you don't mind me asking, Jodi, how many pounds did you loose? Also how did you loose so much? I thought I did a great job and I was only at 15%. Which is fantastic! However, I can't even imagine getting to 20% in that amount of time. I would love some hints that you used during the challenge.

    I can't wait for the next challenge to start! I'm ready as soon Matt's ready to begin! I want to thank Matt again for putting these challenges together for us! It really has helped on the weight loss journey!


  9. Congrats to you JODI, a job well done. Care to share some of you tips? Congrats to all those who are mentioned above and to all who lost weight and are still challenging themselves. Hope to be like Jerry in the finale-taking the knowledge and keep running the race to the next goal. Again congrats


  10. Does anyone know how I can see Jodi's before and after picture, on this site I just see before and less than 1/2 of her after picture?


  11. Hi Y'all!!!
    Thanks for all the encouraging comments.
    I have lost 64 lbs. this yr.
    I lost 48 lbs in this challenge.

    At the beginning of the yr., I listened to Matt McNutt's
    online talk to Boothbay(??) and that was the foundation
    for my journey. This was very helpful to me.
    After I had my kids 2003, I taught 2 weight loss classes because I was able to lose the baby weight quickly
    (128 lbs). So, I know a little about nutrition. Then, I used to teach kick boxing at a gym too and was an active karate competitor. These past experiences have helped me in my weightloss journey too.

    After reaching a weight of 246 and coming close..but not close enough..to getting on The Biggest Loser, I told myself I have to do this. I have tried a bunch and failed a bunch too.
    To tell you a little about me..
    I am a former P.S. teacher. I homeschool my 2 kids and my 9 1/2 yr. old has high functioning autism. This son would ask me..
    " Mama, are you going to die?"He would have asked me the same question if I was at goal weight. But I honestly had a hard time w/ this question. I thought to myself..high chloresterol, 246 lbs., rising BP and bad family history of heart disease. I could not lie to him and say that I was doing the most that I could to stay healthy. Then in Nov. 2008 my doctor gave me "THe TALK". If ya want to live, ya gotta lose this weight.

    I have not had a trainer. I do a lot of cardio.
    Yesterday I did 1 1/2 hr. on the eliptical and 30 min on the treadmil. I really watch what I eat. NO Sugar!!
    Ofcoarse, I drink lots of water too. It sure has been a roller coaster ride. I feel myself coming out of the deep dark valley of being over weight. I am not there yet!! But one step closer today than yesterday.
    I am on Face book if ya want to look me up.
    Jodi Dragonetti Burdette

    I hope that this has helped some of y'all.
    I am forever grateful to Matthew McNutt
    for helping everyday folks become "LOSERS".

    God Bless!!!


  12. Sorry guys I am so late but congrats! I had an unexpected trip to the hospital. Ever since my b-day I am falling apart.. I do hope to get in on the next challenge.


  13. Thank you Jodi! I am kind of in the same place as you were. I have lost 34#'s in this challenge but you ROCK!

    I was wondering do you go by 1400 calories per day or by portion control? That is my struggle.

    I really would appreciate your help on this.
    Lisa J


  14. HI Lisa J!!!
    You did so awesome!!!
    You're a tuff 'lil cookie.:0)

    If you listen to Matthew's, online
    talk …this will explain what I really did.
    Yaknow, I didn't really count cal.
    I was in the 1300-1400 range.
    I counted at 1st..then I am a creature of habbit.
    So, my eating doesn't vary much.

    I tell ya..I quit McDonalds..that was a biggie.
    I'll do Subway…Cutting out the fastfood was key for me.
    I hope this helps.
    Look me up on Facebook if you are there.

    Have a Jesus Filled day!!!


  15. Hi All,
    Sorry for being late too… Congrats to all! The prize for all of us is a healthier lifestyle! My husband and I have formed some habits we hope to keep. We both have more to lose. God bless!


  16. Hey guys!

    I started a challenge on my blog over at road2beautiful.wordpress.com From Facebook and here I know Matt has 2 missions trips he is planning this summer for his church and I cannot imagine that is going to lend him much time for facilitating a challenge. So I figured, I would give him a break…and let him start up again when TBL starts again in the fall…assuming he wants to of course! So check it out..it starts June 1st!


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