ER again. And AGAIN.

What the heck???  Is this just not our week?  I already blogged about last Saturday’s trip to the ER for Noah (our three year old) with his whole possibly fatal rash that turned out to be … well, not fatal anyway.  The dermatoligist is going to finally be seeing it in a few days.  But I digress …

On Wednesday we were in again.  For Zachary, our 9 month old.  That was a pretty traumatic night for all of us.  All of our kids have had breath holding issues when they’re little; they outgrow it usually by the time they’re two, and apparently that’s somewhat normal.  Anyway, Zach bonked his head walking around the living room, it upset him, and he stopped breathing … long enough to go into convulsions or a seizure or something like that.  At a minute and a half we called 911, who talked us through infant CPR, and he finally started breathing again three minutes into the ordeal.  We were all pretty shook up – we thought he might be suffocating to death.  The ambulances got there a couple minutes later and took Heather and him to the ER (I followed in the car), where he spent the next 24 hours getting one test after another to make sure nothing serious was going on with any long term concerns.  Thankfully he got the clean bill of health and we brought him home Thursday night.

Which brings us to today … ER visit number three.  Ug.  We were all at Target doing some errands and shopping and all that.  At one point I had all four boys while Heather ran to grab something; Zach was in his car seat in the cart while the other three were all climbing all around it and being way too hyper.  Next thing I know, Noah is freaking out and his fingernail is dangling off his finger.  Poor kid managed to get it caught in the wheel somehow and OUCH.  I rushed them all to the customer service desk where we grabbed some disinfectant spray and a bandaid to hold his finger together and then rushed to the ER.  Again.  I think we need to get a frequent miles card or something.  Is there a special lounge for frequent customers?  Heather took the rest of the boys home while I stayed with Noah in the ER – I made her do it.  I didn’t want to leave since he had been with me when he got hurt.  We got a variety of verdicts over the course of the day; they were going to remove the nail, they were going to reinsert the nail and stitch it in, they were just going to bandage it and let if fall off in time, the finger is actually broken so we’re going to have to do something more serious, no, the finger isn’t broken, maybe it is, no it definitely isn’t.  For crying out loud!  At the end of the day, the verdict was that it was a really bad pulling off the fingernail, and while it’s loosely still attached, it’s going to fall off in time which is okay.  Meanwhile, it’s splinted on there to protect his finger while the new nail grows in.  Noah was quite a trooper!

The worst news?  The only thing we could watch on the TV for the eight hours we were there was a Spongebob marathon and than an iCarly marathon.  I was so sick of Spongebob after the first few hours that I was actually excited about iCarly … until we watched an episode.  Than I spent the rest of the night longing for the time when I could watch Spongebob and didn’t realize how good we actually had it …

4 thoughts on “ER again. And AGAIN.

  1. You only become a member of the Frequent Customer Club when the nurses start calling you by your first name, and know to have your favorite drink on stand-by.

    I'm glad your events weren't more serious and sorry you had to go through that this week! With you having four boys though, I'm going to predict this is not your last trip to the ER!

    AND I'm most sorry for the fact you had to watch Spongebob for 8 hours in a row. That is just sheer torture!


  2. LOL!! Jacki…so good to see you here!!!
    How is your weightloss going???
    Did you see my pic on Tending the Temple?
    I am finally getting there..after all this time..


  3. I hear ya.. On tues I went to the ER via ambulance and was released Friday just to turn around to go back this morning but luckly didn't have to stay. Ugh.


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