Prepare Go Live mission trip pack

Simply Youth Ministry and LeaderTreks have teamed up to create a new short term missions resource, Prepare Go Live!  I’m very interested in it for a couple reasons; I’m a huge SYM fan – their stuff is always high quality, and I’ve bought and used mission trip resources from LeaderTreks in the past and have been consistently impressed.  They really know how to take the spiritual development side of the mission trip to the next level!

What’s interesting about this kit to me is the real emphasis on the follow up; there is a journal for preparing spiritually for the trip, a journal for the trip itself, and then a follow up journal for after the trip – which in many ways to me is the most important one of all!  If there’s no continuing application, it’s very easy for the students to forget to apply what they’ve experienced and learn to their every day life!

There’s a ton of resources included in the kit, but the thing that jumps out at me the most is the cd-rom.  It’s packed with resources, including the PDFs for each of the three journals and permission to reproduce the heck out of ’em.  So you have the option to buy the journals, or save some money and print them yourself – I love that Simply Youth Ministry consistently does that!  Anyway, read on for the ‘official’ product description or find it here:

Few things will bring the gospel to life for your students like heading out onto the mission field. Spending a day, weekend, or longer in service to God, for his love, and with people in need brings the calling of Christ vividly into focus. With this easy to implement 3-part missions trip curriculum, you’ll get everything you need to get your students ready (Prepare), devotions for the trip (Go), and follow-up materials (Live) to make their experience part of an ongoing, godly lifestyle. And what good would we be if we didn’t include helpful stuff for leaders to make the whole trip more fun for everyone? No good at all, so we’ve given you plenty.

1 Leader Guide with CD-ROM

5 Prepare Student Journals

  • Mission Includes Me
  • Mission is about the Kingdom
  • Mission is about the Team
  • Mission Never Ends

5 Go Student Journals: Study on the Book of James

  • Pushup Perseverance
  • Workouts Aren’t for Whiners
  • Discernment Dash
  • Tongue Crunches
  • Pushing to the Peak
  • Pushing to the End

5 Live Student Journals

  • The Journey Home
  • New Directions
  • Connected to a Cause
  • Life on a Mission

Files on the CD-ROM include:

  • Desktop Backgrounds
  • Slide Backgrounds
  • Ecards
  • Sticker Designs
  • Editable Letters
  • Editable Postcards
  • Promotional Materials
  • GO Luggage Tags
  • PDFs of the Leader Guide & all 3 Student Journals

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