Flip Camera contest!


Want a shot at winning a Flip Video camera?  Just enter the contest over on the Simply Insider blog and take a shot!  Simply Youth Ministry is giving away three of the cameras to the best mission trip stories out there!  Just enter it in the comments and good luck!  The cameras are normally $150, so it’s a pretty sweet deal – and they’re GREAT for student ministry!  We love ours!

One thought on “Flip Camera contest!

  1. I never enter contests, but this caught my eye & wanted to share my 16 yr old sons story from his mission trip last summer:
    My husband & son built a home for a family in Mexico last summer & went back to a family they'd helped several yrs previously. They found the family's youngest son was Very ill & quite possibly dying from a tumor of sort in his tummy. The team took them back to the orphanage where they were based & a canadian Dr just 'happened' to be there & knew what to do immediately. They rushed him into a little rm & removed a huge growth that had been making this little boy so ill. My son Caleb,(now a soph) stayed w/the boy thru most of the surgery(GOT A LIL SICK & LEFT for a few min) From his continuing Spanish in HS he was able to comfort the boy somewhat & be used in this families life. They learned that maybe they needed to check back in (if possible) with past relationships/families, to see how they are, because you never know how God might use you. This boy & his family are healing & surviving a poverty life but are full of Christs love & blessings. My son was a bit freaked lol but also incredibly blessed to have been a part of all this & glad he listened to God impressing on his heart to go back & visit this family.

    It was nice telling this story for him,


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