Noah’s cardiologist visit

Noah's heart monitor

Poor Noah!  The kid just can’t win!  When he was only a year and a half old he had to have surgery on his right eye because the lid was too droopy and could have seriously impacted his vision development.  Then, a year or so ago, a funky rash looking thing appeared around his other eye and nose; at first we thought it was a rash but it turns out it’s vascular.  The dermatologist is pretty much mystified by it, which is just incredibly reassuring to us (yeah, right).  He’ll have to have a biopsy on it pretty soon since that’s the only way they learn anything about what it actually is.  It’s frustrating because just about every time he’s out in public people are asking him what happened to his face – his shoulders sag every time that happens.

Then, a couple months ago at his regular check up the doctor noticed an irregularity in his heart beat.  He said it probably wasn’t much, but that he needed an EKG just in case.  Apparently, the vast majority of kids have the irregularity disappear by the time they get the EKG.  For Noah, it hadn’t gone away, which resulted in his appointment with the cardiologist today and several hours worth of tests, scans, and even an ultrasound of his heart.  I do have to admit, it was pretty fascinating seeing his heart up on the screen.  Over the course of all that it came out that his irregularity is so regular that it warrants a little more checking out (trust me, that sentence made sense in my mind), so he’s currently wearing a heart monitor for 24 hours to record all about it and see what’s going on in greater detail.  On the plus side, the cardiologist isn’t too worried; apparently it’s still not an abnormal enough of an issue to warrant a lot of concern – he doesn’t even need to see him for another year, which is reassuring.  On the other hand, as parents it’s just hard to see our son have one thing after another warrant so much attention.  He’s more comfortable at the doctor’s than any of our other children because he spends so much time there on such a regular basis!  He’s quite a trooper; he actually really likes the heart monitor because he thinks it makes him look like a Transformer!

All that to say, we’re relieved the doctor thinks it’s not a crisis, but it doesn’t necessarily eliminate all the worrying right away.  I mean, it’s his heart for crying out loud!

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