Student Small Groups update (November 4th)

Small groups this week was a little distracted … due to the Phillies playing game six of the World Series (I was really hoping they’d wipe the floor with the Yankees … oh well).  Even so, we still had a solid core of kids out for small groups!  Here’s the recap of the night, as well as some follow up suggestions for parents to use.

The middle school students started a five week DVD series entitled ‘JR High Bible Stuff 2,’ a great resource with a ten minute video each week, followed up with discussion questions and scripture reading.  This first week we look at Genesis chapter one and talked specifically about being created in God’s image and what that means, especially in regards to God’s creativity, and our God given creativity.  One of the questions for the night was for the kids to think of something they created that was special to them and why; and then we connected that to how must God feel about us, His special creations?  We also thought about our God given creativity and discussed how we can use that for God’s glory.  If you are a parent of a middle schooler, read Genesis 1:1-27 together and then use these follow up questions:

  • If you know you’re created in God’s image, does that change how you feel about yourself? Does that make you more valuable? Does it make you more unique?
  • What does it mean to use your creativity for God? In what ways can you use your creativity to be a part of God’s ongoing work in creation?
  • Think about the things and situations you’ve created lately. Are they honoring to God? Make a list of three things that you want to create for God, then go out and make them happen. Share your list with the group the next time you’re together and let them know how you did.

The high school small groups were in the second week of a three week study entitled ‘Making the most of your family life,’ from the Live Curriculum.  We continued our family series in our small groups this week by talking about the priority of understanding one another and doing so honestly. We looked at Nehemiah’s life and how he honestly assessed who he was and how he needed God’s help. Nehemiah also was honest with his shortcomings and ultimately committed to making a difference, and these are the very things we can do, too.

I’d encourage you to take some time this week to read Nehemiah 1 on your own and then discuss your observations with your teenager. Here are some possible questions to ask:

  • What situations create the greatest moments of honesty in our family, and which situations seem to hinder honesty?
  • What can I do help encourage more honesty in our family? How can we work together on this?

Discuss ways you can be honest with one another as you seek to better understand what it means to be a parent and a teenager in today’s culture. Talk about how you can pray for one another and take a moment to do so together.

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