2022 Writing in Review

2022 is almost a wrap! I continue to have a lot of fun creating youth ministry resources. 2022 saw ten curriculum resources published and 30 game and/or media resources published, all through Download Youth Ministry. My youngest, Zach, was the brains behind both of the Dare Tag 2 and the Mind Reader games. Heather created the Fire countdown video and co-authored the Caption Challenge games with me. Click the images below to check them out!


Ruth_title_image  Numbers title image  The Chronicler  Samuel_title  Ezra title image  The Transfiguration slide title  Wash Your Hands title  ParableoftheWorkersintheVineyard_title_image  Noah_title_image  Astonishing Authority title image 

Games & Video Resources:

000__Title  Christmas Movie Trivia the Sequel title image  Useless Trivia title image  Dare Tag Round Two title image  Mind Reader title image  Eighties Trivia title image  Trivia from the Nineties title image  Potty Humor title image  Over Under title image  Over Under Vol 2 title image  Smooth Criminals  Prime Time Trivia title image  No Prep Travel Games title image  Cheesy Joke Face-Off  The Stare Down title image  Deadly Animals Round Two  Can You See It - Take Me to the Sequel  Old Wives' Tales title image  000__Title  The Riddler title image  Boomer Say What Vol3 thumbnail  Bard Burns thumbnail  The Stare Down Round 2 thumnail  Caption Challenge Vol5  Living Water video  techno countdown  spiral countdown  trippy countdown  robot dance  Preview01

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