The new Veggie Tales movie

We had some insanity in church this morning!  As part of the hype for the arrival of the new Veggie Tales movie to our local theater, The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything, I have some give aways that I got from Big Idea (creators of Veggie Tales).  I’m actually excited about the movie – and it turns out, our theater is the only one that will have shown it in the region (what a shame!), so we should have a decent turnout.  Next week I’m giving away stickers and coloring pages, but this week I had these nine card trading card sheets, which we gave out to all the kids.  Let me make this totally clear: every kid got the exact same nine trading cards.  Identical.  Just a fun freebie to get them excited about the movie.  However, within minutes we had packs of kids running around the church trading like crazy!  One kid is trying to get as many Rock Monsters as he can get, another is trying to max out the Larrys … it was rediculous!  And then one little girl decided to give hers away, so now there were kids with ten or twelve cards … which made them rock stars or something!  And the whole time I’m just saying over and over and over … they’re the same.  You all have the same stuff … why are you trading and acting like you’re getting something better?!?

Granted, back when I was a kid and I collected baseball cards … I had stacks of the same card and thought I was brilliant for it … but that’s completely different.

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