Go Get Alone

Here’s one of the new articles from Simply Youth Ministry, home to hundreds of youth ministry related articles.  It jumped out at me because I’ve had moments like this.  I heard a quote once, “don’t let the tyranny of the urgent distract you from what’s important.”  Or something like that.  Anyway, Norman’s article is a great reminder of the importance of setting priorities.

Go Get Alone
By David Norman

In his book Confessions of a Pastor, Craig Groeschel candidly writes that while standing on the platform one Sunday and leading a prayer before speaking, he realized it was the first time he had prayed all week. Consequently, that moment sparked a change in him that moved him from a full-time pastor and part-time Christ follower to one wholly devoted to Christ.

As I read the story, I struggled with all the times I’ve stood to speak without complete confidence of the backing of the Holy Spirit. I confess that too often I’ve interpreted the text well (exegetically speaking), but I have completely neglected the pursuit of God on my own time in my own life. I’ve been the proverbial pastor who never opens his Bible unless he’s preparing a message.

How did it come to this? How did I, the dude who once had such good intentions, become THAT guy. How did I become someone who only relates to God on an information basis in order to move that information to someone else, but yet expect that person to take action and incorporate it into his or her life? Reading of Groeschel’s struggles and confession has led to one of my own.

Find the rest of the article here!

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