Weight Loss challenge week 5 results!


I crunched the numbers, tallied the weights, and once again I am impressed!  As a group you are consistently losing week after week; yes, some fluctuate up and down, but over the last five weeks you’ve still averaged down and that’s the direction you want to be going!  Keep it up!

Our Biggest Loser of the week, with a 1.94% loss, is Sandra C!  Right behind her with a 1.89% loss is Alex J.  Those are some fantastic numbers!  Keep it up!

Our 1% Hall of Fame this week includes (in no particular order) …  Anne W, Sam H, Thomas P, Jason D, Lisa J, and Jodi B!  You guys are sticking to it – awesome!

It’s easy to start feeling tired at this point – we’re more than a month into this thing!  Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed; keep pushing, remind yourself of your reasons for getting into this, keep pushing, admit the challenges or setbacks you’ve had and then let ’em go!  You can do this!

39 thoughts on “Weight Loss challenge week 5 results!

  1. I am so excited — i have been able to stick with it better this time with this motivation — i am so excited you have this competition going on — it is keeping me on track and i love it


  2. I just love that we are a big group this time. You all are so supportive! Karla I'm so proud of you for starting to work out again girl. I got KILLED today in water bootcamp. OMGosh.. ug. Not only am I recovering from being sick but from the tom too, so I'm already exhausted.



  3. Sandra you are doing excellent way to go..

    Rebecca.. remember daisy duke when we meet! LOL If you are too exhausted take a day to rest girl.

    Go TEAL TEAM Go!


  4. Hi Everyone!

    Another great week we have all had…Just stick to it….

    Matt – can you tell me how to do the calculations again – I must be doing something wrong….because my weekly %lost keeps coming out different from the stats.

    You guys are so supportive – thank you.

    Leisha you WILL do it!


  5. I have recalculated my calorie intake need…I figured out that the first time it was calculate way short. I had to add 400 calories everyday. Now I feel like I am eating all the time. It is amazing how just 400 calories can do that. Hopefully now that I am getting the right amount of calories I will get straightened out on the weight loss. Watch out people- here I come. 🙂

    I don't have a gym membership. I exercise at home on a treadmill and to videos. On Wednesday I bought an exercise bike so I think I am set for success. My husband and daughter are being so supportive of all this I don't see any reason I couldn't succed this time.:)


  6. Who is going to be good on V-day? I am not letting this be an excuse to eat bad. I have done that too many times and then everything becomes and event of some sort to eat bad. I am going to try to find a place to go eat that will still be within my calories. Subway isn't romantic is it?? LOL


  7. HA never thought about doing that! We do want to go out for a change since we don't go often alone. LOL I am thinking a steak place.


  8. Wherever you go, look it up online ahead of time…pick it out ahead of time…then splurge on dessert so I can stay ahead of you! Jsut kidding!!! Wherever you go, enjoy the time alone with yoru husband….make good choices adn you will be fine…and if you do go over….exercise like mad tomorrow….SPin class will burn almost 1200 calories in 45 minutes for me… 🙂 and I did 4 of them this week!!!


  9. I have never done spin.. My little gym I just switched to doesn't have any spin bikes but I don't know if I could keep up! Oh and at the rate I am going you will stay ahead of me.. LOL


  10. Wow it says to lose I would need to have 1900 a day with light activity or 2300 with moderate activity. I have been working out more so I was going with moderate but that seems high.


  11. ummm YOumaybe working out moderately, but what do you do the rest of the day? Desk job? Then your activity level becomes less moderate. At least that is some of the things factored in the calculator I used to get my calorie intake level….then it got backed up by a nutritionist. Wish I could tell you which one I used, but it is saved in my favorites on my laptop, which I cannot get internet on here…..so I will try to post it sometime….or oh wait there might be a link inmy blog entry called prolonged calorie deficit from January…eek!


  12. Kim I did use your formula in your blog from Jan 8th but I got a lot less then the website Leisa listed. That is what is so confusing is I don't know which is actually correct.


  13. Kim I also used the formula that you had in your blog and came up very low, it just didn't sound right so that is why I started checking websites. I compared that website to 4 others. The only one it wasn't comparable to was the website I used to first get my calorie intake need. It and 3 others were 400 above that one. This is the first time… http://www.dietitian.com/calcbody.php (the one that was under). When I figure my calories I always use the lowest activity level and I figure calories to maintain my weight. I hope if any of you have used this website to figure yours that you go and check it against some other ones.

    I hope everyone hs a great weekend.:) Happy Valentines day to all my new friends!!!


  14. The formula in my blog is from Jillian's book. In Dr. H's book, he indicates that the only way to accurately calculate our body's caloric need/burn is through testing (like through the Bod Pod). Dr. H has a table in his book showing for example that a 250 lb woman had very different RDEE averages:

    250 lb woman using Mufflin: 1890 calories
    250 lb woman using BL Averages from testing: 1310-1590

    That is huge difference in ranges. Bottom line, we can only use the online calculators as a loose guideline. We are going to have to "play" with our intake to see if we need to adjust up or down. It is also good if we vary our intake each day (but keep our weekly average in line) so that we keep our body guessing.


  15. The online one is very off, just so you know. Dr. H's is very accurate. You don't have to do a bod pod, you can do the water one and it's okay. He told me himself. LOL Letting the cat out of the bag, I met him when I auditioned for a weight loss show (not BL) Don't want to say the name because I'm not sure if I'm allowed to even though I'm not on it. They flew me out to LA Dec 14th and I was sequestered just like the BL show. It was a BLAST. I got to meet Dr. H and he signed his book for me. He was so nice. He told me the water test is just as accurate. You can get it in most cities, and in hospitals. It's $40 and very worth the money. :o( I didn't make it on the show because I wasn't dramatic enough I don't think. It would have been a blast!


  16. I am so confused now I don't know how many calories to take in. I hate complicated stuff. I guess I am going to have to go see my doctor and ask him about all of it. Oh yeah, I was mistaken- it was the thing on Jennileigh's blog I used to calculate the other day. I am going to go check out the one on Kim's right now.


  17. I think when Coach and I were trying to figure it out, we did get a couple different intake leveles, whic I agree Leisia and Karla is frustrating as all get out as we jsut wanna do it right and healthy. I too was getting overwhelmed. FOrtunately COach saw that and knew that his knowledge is limited and had to work overtime to stop my freakout over this. Believe me I was crying like crazy when I discovered for 4 months I had been undereating and wondering why I wasn't losing, then to discover I was doing it to myself! I was fortuante to have a friend who is a dietician to was able to evaluate what I was doing then and to validate 1 of teh calorie levels it told me. Which is how I ended up at 1800.

    I agree, talk to your Dr. They should be a part of this anyway!

    One thing I am excited about going back to Detroit! (side note) I jsut reconnected with an old friend from college who is now a physician in teh Detroit area! HIs specialty is diet and weight loss!!! Go figure! I hope we can connect up sometime, and I can pick his brain!!


  18. If any of you need me to calculate your calories you can email me your stats. The only thing is you really need your body fat %. Mine was 46.3% when I was my highest, 288 pounds. OUCH!


  19. Oh Kim, there couldn't have been a better time to reconnect with an old friend and find out that is his specialty. Wow, I hope you can get together with him soon too and I hope it is a help to you:) That is great!

    I know I was not taking in enough calories…I was having a hard time getting in 900 a day. And I know that is not good. I calculated it at 1600-400 and was trying to do 1200 a day. But from what I have read even that isn't enough. It is so hard to get out of that mindset of fewer calories more weight loss. I know better now….it is just sneaking back up on me I guess. I really have to get straightened out somehow on that. I thought I was doing really good, now I am so dissappointed in myself. I am aggrivated because I have wasted valuable time that I could have lost more weight. Even with just 15 pounds gone I feel so much better, I can't even imagine after another 15 pounds. I am going to get straightened out some way some how. :):):)


  20. I just have to share something with you guys. I've been really hard on myself the past month. My thoughts range from "So what, 63 pounds gone. I don't even look like I've lost that much. I'm a fat blob" to "Dang I have SOOO much more to lose, and when I do I have nasty saggy boobs and flappy arms to deal with"… it's been REAL tough on me mind wise. So anyway, yesterday Travis (hubby) surprises me with a trip to the mall to find an outfit that will help me feel better. We didn't get "an outfit", we got several things! I was SO shocked to learn that I am a 14/16 in Lane Bryant tops/blouces!!!!!! I could NOT believe it. I still can't believe it and am telling myself "Sure, they probably make the sizes bigger at that store." Anyway, I got two really cute vests and one was a 14 and it makes me look so thin on the top! And the other things are cute too. He really knew how to make me feel better. I just had to share about the size thing as it thrilled me. And people keep saying they can still see me changing, I can't but hey I'm my worst critic.



  21. Jennileigh.. it was your fomula that I used not Kims.. I went and had my assessment at the gym over the weekend and your fomula was very close to what they figured for me. He had me at 2000 calories but said I should aim for around 1700 because he thought 2000 was a few too many. the assessment was okay he really didn't tell me anything I didn't already know except to do my weight training before my cardio. So I will change that. Otherwise I am basically on track where I thought I was which was nice to know for sure. I might get a trainer in a couple months to see where I am at and if I need to adjust.

    Well I had every intention of being good yesterday on our V-day date and I wasn't. I was totally bad but I am moving on. Even when I got home after the date I went to the gym for an hour to burn some of it off. So far I have lost the 1.6 I gained last week. Not sure after the meal I will lose anymore but tomorrow will tell.

    Today is LCWO let's make it count!


  22. I am so happy for you Rebecca. Wow, a size 14! I can’t wait to be that again, you are doing great.:) Your husband was so sweet to do that. Isn’t if funny how they know just what we need at our lowest times? I always say we are always our own worst critics in life…..try to be proud of yourself- we are doing something that so many people feel like they can’t do and therefore they never even try or when they do they don’t feel like they are strong enough and they quit. We can do this!!!


  23. Hi Everyone,

    Alex and I are struggling this week…. I went away again for work for 3 days then came home to a family gathering then away for 2 days for Valentine's day…..what a rough week. I have been able to handle 1 travel or event a week but it has been a really rough week. I am tooo scared to get on the scale….Lord I just pray for 1-2#'s this week.

    Anyone else struggling in week 6?


  24. Rebecca…awesome job!!!

    Karla…glad to hear that the formula was close.

    Lisa Janelle…I'm struggling too…just so busy and simply didn't MAKE time to workout. Battling that sense of "failure" feeling that I always let drag me down when I don't achieve the things that I think I should achieve. Just trying to stay positive about the changes that I'm making even if they are slow. 🙂


  25. I have been struggling the past 2 weeks. So I am there with you but I am just trying to focus on the positive changes rather than on what I failed to do during the week. I know I can do it. Even after a horrible and I mean horrible meal last night I still went to the gym to at least work off a few hundred calories of it. Let's all stay positive.. We are team TEAL dang it.


  26. Thanks Jennileigh and Karla B – I worked out 3times but was away and didn't eat but 800 cal. for 2 days while traveling and then up to 1600 over the weekend away..

    I have been keeping my menu every single day even when I travel – that is an accomplishment in itself.

    Today – I exercised this am for an hour and going back on the treadmill right now. There is nothing more I can do then that for today.

    Except – As you may recall I make out our menu every 3 days with BL recipes most evenings when I am home….so I sat down a moment ago for 1 hour and planned our menu for the week. It felt so good to get planning again.

    So I will leave the weigh in tomorrow up to the scale and KNOW I have done some great things this week and am all ready and good to go for this coming week.

    GO TEAM!


  27. Good Luck on the weigh-in everybody. I have been good, although I was tempted I haven't stepped on the scales once since last weigh-in day so I don't know how it will be for me. I have an appointment with my doctor tomorrow to talk to him about calorie intake needs and exercise so maybe that will get me on the right track.


  28. I feel good – – I just did another hour on the treadmill!! That's 2 hours of exercise today…

    All the BEST to everyone on the weigh in tomorrow!


  29. Lisa find last weeks WI day post and I beleive they are there. There are a bunch of things.

    I will be working out tonight too only for 1 hour but I will make that hour count. I should take a day or two off a month to do nothing but workout on those days.


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