Weigh in day!


It’s weigh in day!  Get your weights to me and I’ll post the results at some point tomorrow.  If you haven’t reported in a while, it’s okay to jump back in!  We’ve got until May 12th, the Biggest Loser season seven finale to lose the weight for the contest and that’s still plenty of time to pull it off!  And just to remind you, here’s the prize!


We’ve got some great organizations that have jumped in to contribute to our prize, making it possible for our big winner to walk away with over $180 worth of prizes!  Click their links and check ‘em out!

  • The Biggest Loser Complete Calorie Counter, $7.95 (from me)
  • The Biggest Loser Cookbook, $21.95 (from me)
  • Destination Transformation, $14.95; my first book!  Co-written by myself and ten other former Biggest Loser contestants!
  • Race This! Volume 1, $39.00; Simply Youth Ministry has donated this great collection of dot style races!
  • HEAL: Healthy Eating and Abundant Living, $12.99; a great new resource from Simply Youth Ministry all about pursuing health in a way that honors God!
  • Refuel, $12.99; the new book from Doug Fields on connecting with God, another great donation from Simply Youth Ministry!
  • Millennial Influence podcast CD’s, $15.00; a great ministry to those who work with teenagers, Millennial Influence has donated several cd’s of their podcast, each containing three episodes.  Check them out here!
  • Motor Tabs, $55.98; Motor Tabs has donated two boxes of their rehydration tabs, each worth $27.99!  They’re a great way to stay hydrated during your workouts, and as an added bonus, they’re low calorie!  I love using them while I’m at the gym!

11 thoughts on “Weigh in day!

  1. I only lost a pound this week but hey it's better than staying the same. I am concentrating hard on not being so tempted this week and getting to the gym at least 4 times.

    How did you all do?


  2. I lost .8 pound this week and am very proud of it! I stuck to the program and am at peace with .8 because I was faithful. If I had "blown it" and lost .8 then I'd be discouraged and frustrated. How was everyone else's week?


  3. half a pound down. not so good, but I know I didnt fight for more than that either…had a good talk with one of my "guys" about it tonight. Back on track! 9 weeks of losses…barely…..i want 10!!!


  4. We ALL seem to be in the same boat together…..I stayed the same and so did Alex….we lost for the first 7 weeks and this week NOTHING!

    We are so upset. We reevaluated the week and came up with 2 things to improve on this week:

    1. less soup – it has too much sodium
    2. take Matt's suggestion to take our calories for the day and divide by 4…… = 3 meals and the last one in 1/2 for 2 snacks.

    We are praying it will get us out of this slump.

    We also need to focus on the great 8 weeks thus far of 62#'s lost total.

    Hang in there everyone

    Lisa J


  5. OK…I am blown away that Alex and Lisa have lost 62 pounds so far. It has taken me 2 years to lose 65 pounds. You have worked very hard. Be encouraged!


  6. Ya way to go! That's awesome! I'm thinking about taking Crossfit. Scared to pieces to take it because it's like a Jillian bootcamp but I think I need it!!



  7. Hi Rebecca,

    I haven't done Crossfit but started Jillian Michaels's Shred video a week ago and it's incredible. Can see changes already in abs and lower body. It's just motivating to do something different once in a while. Keep up the good work!


  8. Jillian's Shred video was interesting. It was very hard and I thought I had been doing some great things with my cardio and strength training. It was very intimidating when she started out right away with pushups! I can't even do the girly kind. 😦 However, I felt a little bit better as the video went on and even though it was very challenging I could do the activities she was doing. I will continue to use it to change up my workout!


  9. Hey Amanda….if it makes you feel any better we have doing the Shred video 1-2 times a week for 8 weeks and still can't do it all at Level 1!


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