Green Lantern: First Flight

My summer just got sweeter; I just found out this movie is coming out sometime in the next couple months! Green Lantern is my all time favorite comic book superhero!

Yes, I am completely excited for a cartoon.

7 thoughts on “Green Lantern: First Flight

  1. I have also heard that Chris Pine (the new kirk) "may" play the green lantern in the live action movie.


  2. That would be trippy! Two of my favorite worlds colliding …

    That was kind of like seeing Christian Bale play John Conner after getting used to him as Bruce Wayne … I don't know if I ever actually got past it …


  3. Also…Chris Pine was being considered for GL but I believe that has changed. I think it's between Nathan Fillion and Bradley Cooper


  4. I haven't seen the other animated movies yet; I think I would enjoy them – I just never seem to find the time (that, and my wife always wants to watch other stuff!!!).


  5. Batman the brave and the bold is the cartoon on the cartoon network. Wolverine and the Xmen is on nicktoons. If your wife won't let you watch it on tv, look at it online. You can catch it at:

    You need to scroll down to the bottom of the list and view it from the bottom up.


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