Nicaragua Day 4

We are still alive and well!  I actually put together the above video yesterday to be a day three report, but internet issues kept me from posting it until today!

We left Managua (the capital city) this morning and are now at Campo Alegria!  The kids were excited to see Lake Nicaragua and jump in for a few hours!  It felt GOOD – this place is HOT!

Tonight and tomorrow morning we’ll be setting up and preparing for the arrival of the kids for our four day/three night camp!  I think everyone is excited and nervous at the same time!

3 thoughts on “Nicaragua Day 4

  1. I'm so glad you guys are having fun! You guys are doing awesome things. Matthew, make sure you tell everyone i love and miss them!


  2. I hope the monkey does not find fleas on Patrick! Tell us if you all dominated the kids with those tops. Thanks much Matthew for the updates, God Bless


  3. Great video! Patrick could have saved some space and not packed shampoo. We are enjoying the updates and it's great to see everyone. Keep up the good work.


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