Small groups week one report

We had our first night of small groups for the school year last night!  Very exciting!  If you’re curious, you can read what we’re doing for the year as far as small group studies here (high school small groups) and here (middle school small groups).  I’m actually very excited about both sets resources, in particular the Live Curriculum – my leaders have been very impressed with it!

As far as our first night went, the middle school was really strong.  We had a great turnout, the first half of the night was given to small group Bible study and prayer, and then the second half of the night was large group games in the gym.  To me, that’s a perfect combo for middle schoolers, and they seemed to think so, too.  With the high school it wasn’t quite as strong – mostly because of me.  We started off with a group ice breaker time in the youth room.  Unfortunately, I’m picked a loser of a game.  Oh well … better luck next week, right?  After that it took a real turn for the better as the groups split up and went to their different rooms for Bible study and prayer.

So far I’m loving the curriculum, I’m content with the turnout (we’re on a new night this year so I was curious how it would go), and I’m pretty proud of my volunteer team.  It should be a great year!

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