Family updates!

Life has been out of control lately!  Here are some random updates and thoughts in no particular order …

  • Micah, our oldest turned eight on Sunday (see above video).  Seriously?  Where did those eight years go???  It’s terrifying to think he’s half way there to having a driver’s license.  Not cool.
  • The flu stinks.  It’s pretty much ripped through our kids.  In theory, we might be on the tail end; first Micah had it, then Caleb and Zachary had it, and now Noah has it.  It’s possible that Heather had it too at one point – my brain is hazy on it.  The count is just getting too high.  It certainly would have been easier if they all got it at once.  The dreams of a tired parent!
  • Facebook needs to add view counts to their videos.  I would upload all my videos to them instead of youtube or blip, but there’s no way to track if anyone is watching them!  Unless there actually is, and I just haven’t noticed it yet.
  • Heather and I celebrated our ninth anniversary yesterday.  It’s pretty amazing to think it’s been a solid decade since we started dating, and thirteen years since we met!  I think we both would have laughed at the thought nine years ago that today we’d have four sons and I’d be working at the church across the street from the restaurant I waited tables at when we were first married (Macaroni Grill)!  It’s strange and fun to see the unexpected turns life takes!
  • I’m reading the third book in the Twilight series.  I’m not proud of it, I’m just being honest.  In my defense, there is a lot more action in the second and third book than the first one.  I do have to wonder about this bizarre girl, though, that is in love with a vampire, best friends with a werewolf, and s immune to all their special powers.  Weird.
  • If I was a werewolf, I think I would have fur the color of my hair.  And since I’m already really tall, I think I would end up around seven feet tall.  And my eyes would stay blue.  I’m just saying.
  • In closing, here’s some shots of Micah and Caleb at our church’s fall festival!  It was also the kick off of a new ministry we’re starting up on a regular basis in January called Family Fusion.

One thought on “Family updates!

  1. Re: Twilight books – Obviously Bella is a mutant. That's the only way she could be immune to all this weirdness that others are affected by.


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