Weigh in day!

tending the temple challenge

Don’t forget, today is weigh  in day!  If you’re participating in the challenge, get your weights to me today (McNuttBlog@gmail.com)!  Are we really already five weeks into this thing?  Almost half way to the finish line!  The ridiculous thing is that I’ve been sitting on the prize since the beginning – forgot completely to ever detail it!  I’ll fill you in with the results post!

Did you survive Halloween?  Get rid of the left over candy yet?  Temptations need to GO!  : )

10 thoughts on “Weigh in day!

  1. I know. I've been bad about checking it! This week was good for me- I lost 2.4%! It has been challenging for my husband, though. He is on the threshold of a big number breakthrough that he hasn't been able to achieve for a while now. We're doing WW and going to the gym 4 days a week. I don't understand it!


  2. He will probably have a good week next week. 🙂 I think our body comes to a point where it kinda rebels against us every once in a while. I am sure all the effort will ultimately show, maybe not as soon as we would like but it will.

    I can almost hear an echo on here….where is everyone????? 😦 I am glad you spoke up Tracey, at least I know someone is there.


  3. Hi all, congrats Tracey,,and your husband will get there.. I have had a bad couple of weeks, well not bad, just off the ''wagon'' my girls came home from college for fall break and then my husband came back from Brazil…They are back in school and my husband is on his way to Austraila..so back on the ''wagon'' for me. This morning I took an hour and half walk,,It dose help that I am training a rescue dog…getting him ready for a new home..Hey I dont remember who it was but someone had a little girl in the hospital, how is she doing? I hope better…good luck everyone..I have to lose those 2lbs I put back on the last 2 weeks.


  4. I think you are talking about me Julia. She wasn't in the hospital but she was having lots of problems. My dad is in the hospital right now. We got my daughter on meds that seem to be helping her so she is doing great now. Hopefully my dad will get out soon. He has cancer so they are trying to get everything set up for chemo treatments at home and everything else he will need. Thanks for remembering and asking.


  5. I'm here, just VERY busy at work and then looking to move in the evening…. after seeing many houses in our area… we've decided to rent for a few years until the economy improves….. so now that whole fun game has begun….looking for a place. We've already sold our home (things happened very qickly so we were not prepared….) so we are under a deadline… B4 Xmas…

    otherwise.. each week has been less than the week before.. so… good news there!

    be well everyone!


  6. Sorry I forget to check in . I haven't been doing well and didn't WI this week. I was afraid of another gain. So I am working hard this week on getting my food under control again and will report in next week with my WI.

    Tracey you are kicking butt what are you doing?


  7. Thanks everyone! Well, I had a few bad weeks, especially around "that time of the month", but we are doing Weight Watchers (just counting points, not going to meetings or anything) and going to the gym. We were told by a trainer at work that you burn 300% more fat if you go in the morning- that way you are not caught in burning the food calories you have consumed during the day? It made sense at the time. So, we do 1/2 our of cardio 4 mornings a week, followed by a weight routine legs/abs. Last week we went to the gym 4 days This week we upped it to 5 mornings, adding in a cardio session on Wednesday (M- cardio & arms, T-cardio & legs, W-just cardio, Th-cardio & arms, F-cardio & legs). I'm not going to lie, I'm tired today! Tomorrow will be a huge accomplishment- we've never been 5x in a week. All my life I said I'd never be a gym person- I just had never been comfortable, mainly because I didn't know what I was doing. I finally feel like I belong! Planet Fitness is $10/month, and they provide free group training sessions. They have franchises all over New England. Keep it up everyone- WE CAN do this!!!

    Leisia- we'll be praying for your family!


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