One Incredible Night T-Shirt revealed!

This Friday night is our annual middle school all nighter!  I have to confess, I’m actually pretty excited about it; we’ve got some sweet prizes, great games planned, some surprises, and a TON of activities.  It should be an amazing night!  One of the changes this year is how we’re doing prizes.  Other than our big prize, an iPod Touch, we’re going to be giving away t-shirts.  In years past, we’ve had an assortment of prizes, etc., but decided to go with the shirts this time for a couple reasons – the kids wanted ’em, and we wanted them spreading the word for next year with the shirts!

Designing the shirt was a little bit of a process, though.  Ultimately I came up with four designs; the hardest part was deciding on the font (went with ‘Land Speed Record’), and the wording.  I omitted a date so if we have left overs, they’re still a valid prize NEXT year.  Once I came up with four sets of images, I showed ’em to my staff.  Chris weighed in on the first pass, which resulted in these two being eliminated:

One Incredible Night 1

One Incredible Night 4

Then I brought Joy into the mix, for another opinion and to represent all the girls coming out that night, which meant that sadly, my ninja design got the ax:

One Incredible Night 2

Which leaves us with the final design that we are all excited about!  If you’re wondering, those are construction hazard signs on the shirt.  I picked them because they looked cool, and I liked the radioactive one.  After the fact I found out that the one on the left is the symbol for explosive gas.  Seriously.  I really didn’t know … but having found out, I love it even more!  The shirt itself is royal blue, with white ink.  I think we have a winner; when they showed up today, every single staff member that saw it wanted one … I told them absolutely – IF they are willing to stay up all night with middle schoolers!

One Incredible Night 3

So I’m curious … which is your favorite?  I might go with the Ninja/Screamer/Fireball in the future … I still have some affection for it!  If you’re a youth worker and want the high res versions, just drop me a comment/email and I’ll send ’em to you!

2 thoughts on “One Incredible Night T-Shirt revealed!

  1. Yeah, I'm really excited about the design! I'm glad we went the warning signs; I still want to use the ninja design at some point, though! Maybe for Endless Night (high school all nighter) …


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